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Welcome to the online learning page for Bluebell.

Any tasks, resources or homework will be published below when they become available:


Hello Bluebell Class and Families, 

Our final term this year was unexpected and we have had to make lots of changes to our every day lives and routines which I know hasn't been easy at times. I'd like to thank you all for staying in contact with me throughout the term, each week I have loved hearing about all of your projects and achievements! 

If you haven't already watched the virtual tour around our school, please do take a look at it here: 

A lot of pupils who have already seen it have said how much they enjoyed being able to see our school as well as our lovely school dog Bramble who makes a guest appearance! 

Below are just a few ideas and fun activities: 

  • Summer Holiday diary: Through photos, words and drawings keep a scrapbook or diary to make memories of your summer. If you make something or do something you really enjoy, make note of it! Then you can show your new teacher when you come back to school! 
  • Make your own obstacle course: This is something you can do either indoors or outdoors with a range of resources! This website has lots of photos and ideas of easy obstacle courses that you can make at home with your siblings or parents. This is also a great opportunity for language and maths as you can include various challenges e.g. "Jump 3 times in the hoop, then 2 more.. how many times did you jump altogether?" 
  • Make Shadow Puppets: There are lots of videos that show you how to make your own shadow puppets! Here is a link to one of them to get you started -
  • Body tracing art: You may need a larger roll of paper for this activity (these can be found in Wilko or even an cheap roll of plain wallpaper would do the trick!) This website will show you some ideas for this activity -
  • Rainbow Skittle Experiment: This is a really easy, fun and safe science experiment that can be done at home. This website will show you how to do it and what resources you will need -
  • Scavenger hunts: This link will take you to lots of ideas for various scavenger hunts that you can do at home or in the garden -
  • Other Ideas: This blog has lots of creative ideas for things you may like to do at home.

This will be my final update to the Bluebell class learning page. However, please feel free to continue to look back through all of the suggestions and activities throughout the summer if you would like any ideas! 

Enjoy your summer, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Best Wishes,

Miss Featherstone



Hello Bluebell Class, 

I hope you are all well. As always it was lovely to speak to you last week and I look forward to speaking to you all again this week. 

Here is a link to the BBC website with lots of ideas of things that you can do outside!

These are a few of my favourite activities from the website that I think you would enjoy: 

·Play weather bingo - Make a list of common weather conditions like windy, rainy, sunshine, cloudy, cold and frosty. Look outside every day and tick off what’s happening. Add extra interest by making a list of other things your little ones could spot like birds, chimney, aerial and car. They could also draw a daily picture of the weather, so you can create a weather diary during the lockdown.


· Have a game of skittles - Brilliant for your children's coordination and communication skills. To create your own skittles set, simply use rolled-up socks as a ball, and empty bottles or toilet roll tubes as the skittles. This can be played both inside and outside! 

·  Try some cloud spotting - A great way to relax, as well as to learn. Spend some time looking at the cloud shapes and chatting about what you think they look like. You could even make up a story about the things you see. If you want to learn more about clouds, check out BBC Weather Watchers.

Best Wishes, 

Miss Featherstone



Hello Bluebell Class and Families! 

I hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend. This week you will receive your final home learning packs, I hope you enjoy the activities that are provided! In your packs this week I have included some crafty bits for you, I would love to see any of your final creative pieces! 

  • Sorting objects: Gather a variety of household objects and challenge your child to sort them into groups. How many different ways can you sort them? What criteria can you use? Can you think of anything else that would fit into each group?
  • Make a board game: Challenge your child to make their own board game, such as their own version of snakes and ladders, or a quiz game using a subject they are very familiar with.

Wishing you all a good week, I look forward to speaking with you. 

Best Wishes, 

Miss Featherstone



Hello Bluebell Class and Families, 

I hope you are all well. It is lovely as always to speak to you all each week and hear what you all have been doing at home. I enjoy hearing about all the activities and projects that you have been working on in particular! Please do continue to look through this page for lots of practical activities if you need any more ideas! 

I will be putting together some more work packs in the next week. When I call this week I will be asking if there is anything in particular that you would like to be included in your pack. Please do write any ideas down and let me know. 

As always, continue to do what's best for your families. Below are just a few more suggestions as to what you could do if you need any ideas. 

  • It looks as though the weather is getting hotter this week! Can you write down your 'top 5 tips' to stay safe and cool when playing outside when the weather is warmer? Perhaps you could put this up somewhere so that everyone in your house can see! 
  • I know we all like listening to music in Bluebell class! Have you got a favourite song at the moment that you keep listening to? Perhaps you could make up your own dance routine for the song! Can you teach it to your family members too?
  • Flower pressing: There are lots of beautiful flowers around this time of year! With an adults permission, choose a flower (or a few) that you could like to keep or turn into a work of art! Follow this link to show you how to press a flower with just a few resources -
  • When we were reading the book 'Leaf Man' earlier this year, Bluebell Class used the iPads to make some fantastic stop motion movies! They are really easy, creative and fun to make! You can use lego characters or any small toys to do this to make your own stop motion animation! Follow the link for some more information about how to do this -

I look forward to speaking to you all this week. 

Best wishes

Miss Featherstone



Hello Bluebell Class and families, 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Your home learning packs should have all arrived but I will confirm this with you all when I make contact this week. I hope that you all enjoy some of the activities enclosed in the packs but please do let me know if there is anything else you need. 

Below are some more ideas that you may like to do at home. Please continue to do what's best to fit around your family. I know that some of you are still enjoying your own projects and I look forward to seeing these! 


  • Please continue to take a look at some lessons on Oak National Academy that have been provided by Woodside teachers that give practical suggestions for Maths activities based around different topics. This week's lessons are based around number. Most children will be able to access the materials of the stages building understanding and applying numeracy -
  • Estimation is something that we have been working on at school. Perhaps you could put some pebbles, marbles or sweets in a jar and see if everyone can estimate how many are in the jar! Start with a smaller number and work your way up with practice! 
  • Please do take a look at previous weeks for more practical ideas! Maths can be incorporated into many daily activities such as cooking!


  • Complete the story: Perhaps you could take turns creating your own story, adults you could begin the story e.g. "One day there was.." and let the children decide what happens next! You could even write your story down and see what you have created together! This website has some templates for filling in the blanks in a written template that has already been written for you -
  • Continue to practice writing at home, this can be done in various ways! 
    • Encourage them to write your weekly shopping list for you, even if this is an online shop you could ask them to write down the things you need to order. 
    • Writing a letter, perhaps to a family member, neighbour or friend. 
    • They could write their own 'checklist' of tasks they would like to complete for the day e.g. brush teeth, eat breakfast, complete a sheet of work. This is also a great way of setting a routine for the day that they can follow! 


  • If you do have a laptop or computer at home, you could practice typing some sentences on a Word Document. This will help with their spelling skills as well as getting used to using a keyboard. 
  • This website offers activities to support children with 'touch typing', I have looked at some of the activities on this and it offers a good opportunity to practice where each letter is place on the keyboard!

Other Activities: 

  • If you enjoyed looking at the virtual aquarium, this website also offers a live stream of tropical oceans. This website also has live streams of rescue centres for cats and dogs as well sanctuaries for animals such as wolves and donkeys!
  • Bird watching - One family has been having lots of different birds visiting their garden this year! If you have seen any birds in your garden, or perhaps when you've gone for a walk, try to remember what it looked like! If you follow this link it will take you to a page on the RSPB website where you can describe the bird you saw and it will try to identify it. Then you can find out some information about the bird as well as hear the sounds that it makes! The RSPB also has some lovely ideas for attracting different wildlife to your garden or just some fun facts about various wildlife! 

Stay safe, 

Miss Featherstone



Hello Bluebell class and families, 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It was lovely to speak to you all last week and hear what you have been up to at home. I greatly appreciated your feedback on the home learning packs, these are currently being put together and will be with you soon. 

Having spoken to you all on the phone it seems that many of the pupils in Bluebell have been doing their own projects at home that I have enjoyed hearing about. Please do carry on with these and if you would like to share what you have been doing please do! You can either contact the school office or send any photos in to our school twitter page Twitter is also a good place to see what other pupils have been up to and there are lots of pictures/videos of Bramble!


  • Please do take a look at some lessons on Oak National Academy that have been provided by Woodside teachers that give practical suggestions for Maths activities based around different topics. This week's lessons are based around number. Most children will be able to access the materials of the stages building understanding and applying numeracy -


  • My favourite sea creature is a Turtle, they are amazing animals and I love the way that they swim through the water! What's your favourite sea creature? Can you explain why it's your favourite?
    • Can you ask your family members what their favourite sea animal is and why? 
    • Perhaps you could find out some information about your favourite sea creature and make a fact file about it for me! 
  • Below are some videos on youtube about some different sea creatures: 
  • The National Geographic website has lots of facts and information about different animals! Can you find all of the fact pages about different sea animals? There are pages about Jellyfish, Sharks and Whales! What interesting facts can you find out about these animals? Make sure you write it down and tell me what you've learned! 

Additional Activities: 

  • Here are some really lovely ideas and activities that are 'under the sea' themed! I particularly like the paper plate crab! Perhaps you could make a different sea creature with the paper plate!
  • Sunny Valencia is home to the largest aquarium in Europe (and third largest worldwide), and they are offering a virtual tour whilst they are currently closed. Whilst it’s perhaps best done in real life, the 360º views of the aquarium which constitute the virtual tour are a fun way to see it from your sofa. Marine life including flamingos, turtles, sharks, dolphins, starfish, and plenty more can all be seen on the tour.

Please continue to stay safe and I look forward to speaking to you all this week. 

Miss Featherstone



Hello Bluebell Class and Families, 

I am currently putting together some more work packs that will be sent home to you in the next week. I have also suggested below some ideas that you may like to do at home but please do continue to complete any tasks or activities around the needs of your families. If you are able to do some gardening, cooking or turn-taking activities these are also excellent opportunities for your children to learn through experiences and play. 


  • Maths on Toast - This website has some really lovely and practical activities that you can do at home, I will print some of these for the work packs that will be sent home but please take a look in the meantime for some ideas!
  • Measurements - Make paper air planes and see who's has travelled the furthest! If you have access to rulers and tape measures at home this will be a great opportunity for them to use these tools, however you could measure the distances using an object e.g. how many footsteps did the plane travel? 
    • You could also do this activity with cars and make predictions beforehand guessing which car will travel the furthest. 
  • Shape and Measure - Gather some different shaped cups and containers from the cupboards, can they order these from smallest to largest? Which one do they think would hold the most water and why? Which will hold the least? 
  • Direction and movement - Can you create a set of instructions to give or follow? E.g. You may want to give them instructions to move from one point to another using obstacles, etc. to avoid. For example "Walk two steps forward", "Turn left", "Walk 4 steps" to get to the final destination. This activity is not only great for their positional language but also focuses on their listening skills as well! 


  • Labelling the room - If you have some post-it notes or scrap paper you could challenge them to write down and label a number of items around the room. When they have finished look at the different items they have labelled and discuss what they are used for? What colour are they? You could mix up the labels and see if they notice and can put them back in the right places! 
  • Hangman - This is a simple game that can be played as a group or pair. This will give your child an opportunity to think about their spellings and vocabulary as well as encouraging turn-taking. 
  • Film and Book reviews - If they have read a book or watched a film that they have enjoyed perhaps they could write their own review! Ask them to write down the title of the film and give it a rating out of 5 stars. Could they describe what happened in the book/film briefly and say why they liked it? Or if they didn't enjoy the book/film can they write why they didn't like it? Here is a template of what the book/film review may look like

Most importantly, please continue to stay safe and well. I look forward to making contact with you all later in the week. 

Miss Featherstone


Choose a letter of the week - this activity involves introducing new foods to your child week by week by having your child choose a letter and then trying a new healthy food that starts with that letter. For example: if your child chooses the letter, they could try broccoli. Broccoli can be eaten raw and cooked so why not try it both ways. If your child chooses the letter W, why not try watermelon?



Hello Bluebell Class and families, 

I hope you all continue to stay safe and well. 

I wanted to update the page this week with some various resources to support you at home, some pages in particular that I have suggested provide some ideas that may help those who are feeling anxious. 

Best Wishes, 

Miss Featherstone.



Hello Bluebell Class and families. 

It was great to speak to you all last week and hear that you are all continuing to stay safe and well. I know that some of you have received your work packs and are already completing these at home! Please continue to refer to this page for some more activities that can be done at home, the weather journal in particular would be a great activity as it is is changing every day!

Below I have put some links to resources that are helpful in supporting your child in understanding the ongoing situation. Some of these are in the form of stories with pictures that may help in explaining why we are remaining at home at this time: 

Please also take a look at our 'challenges' section on the home learning webpage that has some challenges and ideas that can be done at home -

Continue to stay safe, and I look forward to speaking to you all later in the week. 



Hello Bluebell Class and families, 

I just wanted to begin this message by saying how great it was to be able to speak with you all last week and hear what you have been up too. I understand that the past weeks have been challenging but I appreciate all that you have been doing at home and for keeping positive. Thank you for your feedback in regards to the work packs, these are currently in the process of being printed and being put together to be sent home, they will be with you all shortly. 

Below I have listed some more ideas to support learning at home: 


  • Go on a shape hunt around your house/garden: What shapes can you find around your house? Are they 2D or 3D shapes? Maybe you could make a tally of all the shapes you have found? What shape did you find the most of? 
  • Sharing food or objects: If you are cooking or have snacks etc. Can you share the amount that you have between yourself in your family. Have you shared equally so that everyone has the same? How many does everyone have? 
  • Counting in pairs: What objects in your house come in pairs? Can you count how many pairs of shoes you have in your house? Who has the most shoes?
  • More counting challenges: 
    • Can you find 5 objects that are red? 
    • Can you count how many doors you have in your home? 
    • Can you count how many windows?
    • How many footsteps does it take for you to get from your living room to your kitchen? 
    • What other challenges can you think of? 


  • Can you make a list of all the different farm animals that you know? What colour are they? How big is the animal that you are thinking of? Can you describe it to a family member? 
  • Reading: Continue to read and share stories with your families. Maybe you could all take turns reading your favourite story to each other. Tell them why this is your favourite story. Is it funny? Do you like the pictures?
  • Favourite farm animal: Can you write some sentences about your favourite farm animal and why? 
    • My favourite farm animal is a chicken because they are friendly, funny and their feathers come in lots of different colours! 
  • Weather Journal: The weather has been changing each day, sometimes it is sunny and other days it has been pouring with rain! Can you keep a diary/journal of the weather each day? Is it sunny, cloudy, hot or cold? Can you predict what you think the weather may be like the next day, perhaps you can ask all of your family to make predictions too? 

Additional Activities: 

Please continue to stay safe. 

Miss Featherstone



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks


Dear Parents, Carers and Bluebell Class, 

I hope you all continue to stay safe and well. It was lovely to have feedback from Ms Vincent and Miss Medcalf last week from having spoken to you all over the phone. I look forward to making contact with you all this week and hearing what you have been up to!

I am currently putting together some more activities to be sent home, this term our topic would have been 'On the Farm' and so there are some activities that focus on this included in the pack. 

Below are some links to informational videos about farms: 

Some Stories that can be watched on youtube: 



Printable Rainbow Certificate

Dear Parents and Carers, 

As well as as the home learning packs and websites provided, these are some additional ideas and activities that you could do at home to support your child's learning.


  • Counting and recognising coins: we have recently been learning about money at school and they have been looking at the value of different coins. You could divide different amounts between you and see if they can identify who has more/less. They could also set up their own 'shop' and role play exchanging various amounts of small coins. 
  • (Outdoor space/weather permitting) Go on a bug hunt/bird sightseeing in the garden and take a tally chart of all the different bugs/birds you can see. 
  • Make 'challenge cards' with different numbers of exercise on e.g. 15 starjumps... This will help them to stay active as well as practising their counting skills. 
  • Practice telling the time: focus on telling the time to the hour and half past the hour, they could make their own clocks or watches with paper/cardboard/any scrap materials. 
  • We have been focusing on 'measuring' in maths: If you have any rulers/tape measures they could measure different objects around the house. They could even use paperclips or a pencil to measure different objects e.g. the TV is 5 pencils high. Cooking is also a great opportunity for them to weigh different amounts of food.  


  • Make your own puppet show: If they have any figures/toys/characters see if they can come up with their own story with the characters to perform to the family. We have been focusing on a book based on Jack and the Beanstalk which they enjoyed so they could make their own version of the story. 
  • Reading their favourite books: Reading together and discussing the book afterwards, focusing on how the characters may be feeling, etc. 
  • Comic book strip stories: Making up their own story (based on stories that they enjoy), this could be comic book strip style where they can draw their own pictures and speech bubbles. 

Other Activities: 

  • Our topic for the Spring term was growing: Perhaps look through family photos together, baby photos etc. and look at how different family members have grown/changed over the years. 
  • Turn-taking games.
  • Art activities: Junk modelling with any old boxes, loo roll tubes, packaging. 
  • Daily exercise with Joe Wicks on Youtube/Peaceout Yoga activities also on youtube for calming. 
  • If you have access to Lego or other building resources: Have competitions of who can make the tallest tower or the biggest house. Or they could build something that they can then describe to you, e.g. what it is, how it works, etc. 

Computer Safety: Please continue to remind your children to be safe online if they have access to a computer or any technology that has internet access or online gaming. A good way to do this could be through making their online safety poster with tips on how to stay safe online. You could also sit together and establish computer safety rules within the house, making a visual poster to support this and have it on display. Below are some website suggestions to support you and your child with this:

Most importantly, I hope that you are all safe and well.

Best wishes, 

Miss Featherstone and the Bluebell class team.

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