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Welcome to the online learning page for Daisy.


Dear Daisy Class and families,

This term hasn’t been like any other we have had before but I have loved to hear about all the learning and achievements our students have been making at home and I appreciate you keeping me up to date on how you’re all getting on at home in this difficult time. This will be the last update on the Daisy Class page but it will stay up so feel free to look if you want any ideas over the summer break!

If you haven't already watched the virtual tour around our school, please do take a look at it here: 

Some final ideas for this week:

Ice sensory play - Freeze some small items in ice cube trays or zip lock bags and then put in a tray with some water and let your child explore these items. This will be a nice way to cool down if the weather stays warm as well! This website has some ideas that you could try:

Make a summer journal - you next year teachers would love to hear about some of the things you have been getting up to over the summer so you could think about how you want to tell them. Could this be a weekly drawing of the favourite thing you did that week? Or a collage of things you have collected?

Make your own ice lollies - can you child tell you what the next step is? Or how much of an ingredient you need? Or talk about what colour the lolly is? This website has some exciting ideas -

Keep up trying to count at any opportunity you can as this will help your child next year!

Enjoy your summer and I look forward to hearing from you all for the final time this week! Stay safe and well,

Best wishes,

Miss Daisy and the Daisy Class team



Dear Daisy Class and families,

It was lovely to hear from you all last week and looking forward to hearing from you again this week. Hopefully you have all received any final work packs and are getting on well with working at home! 

On this website are some great ideas for you to do outdoors which could be done from your window or balcony or garden!

I think that making your own skittle set sounds really fun! And playing I Spy is a great way to work on speaking and describing which will help in English next year! Building a den is something all of our students would enjoy and this could be done inside!

The website has lots of other good ideas for at home learning such as practising throwing : this could also include maths ideas where you could make each targets worth points and you can add up points as you go!

Or making art out of recycled materials!

An art activity you could do is making your own wind chimes out of things you could find around the house!

You could also make a mini garden out of things in your garden or you find on your walks!

Looking forward to hearing from you this week!

Best wishes,

Miss Daisy



Dear Daisy Class and families,

It was nice to hear from you all this week and glad you are all doing well! You will receive your final work pack sometimes this week. I hope you enjoyed the science pack and you had some fun doing some of the ideas!

This week Woodside Academy is participating in Wellbeing week. Please visit ‘Projects to do at Home’ where you will find a variety of activities to support your child’s wellbeing.

For maths this week The Oak National Academy have a series of lessons on capacity lesson one here:

For English this week continue to read books or watch them online and discuss them with your child. Questions could be what animals/ characters can you see on the screen? Where are the characters in relation to other objects? What colours are the characters/ objects? The character's emotions? Or how would you child feel if something in the story happened to them? 

Ideas for books are the Julia Donaldson videos on iplayer or earlier in the year we did ‘Dig, Dig, Digging’, ‘This is the Bear’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ which can all be found on YouTube.

Some parents were asking about speech and language and this website may be able to help:

Continue to fit learning around your childs play and remember that life skills are also very important skills for your child to learn! Looking forward to hearing from you all this week!

Best wishes,

Miss Daisy



Dear Daisy Class and families,

It was lovely to hear from you all this week and glad you’re all getting on well. This week is science week and you should all be receiving your science week packs soon if you haven’t already. Please let me know if you need anything else from me!

Keep working on the maths and English worksheets that have been sent or however you are fitting it in at home! Keep looking on The Oak National Academy lessons (

Here are some ideas that you could also be doing:

Here’s a video that shows you how to make ice cube paint:

Here’s a link to make a bird feeder at home:

We like staying active to Gonoodle songs in class:

Hope you all continue to stay safe,

Miss Daisy



Hello Daisy Class and families!

It’s very nice to hear that you are all getting on well and working hard at home and staying safe! I hope you have all received your new work packs and please let me know if there is anything else you want sent home!

There are more lessons from our Woodside teachers and other specialists on The Oak National Academy found here : There are some good lessons about emotions which would be useful for lots of our students:

For English: 

For maths:

  • Look at the worksheets sent out and that should give you some guidance on the level of questioning your child should begin with!
  • Have a look at the lessons on the Oak National Academy 
  • There are lots of counting songs we do in class that could get your child interested in working: 

-counting to 10:

-counting to 20:

-counting in 10’s:

-counting in 5’s:

-10 little dinosaurs:

-5 little speckled frogs:

Additional resources:

Building  a rocket, let me know if you want this printed and sent to you!

Looking forward to hearing from you this week and keep safe!

Miss Daisy


Dear Daisy Class and families,

It was nice to hear you all had a restful half term and I hope the first week back of learning has gone well!

Oak Academy has lots of good lessons on to support your child's learning, here are some suggestions:

Learning money through attention autism, this is lesson 1 -

Learning 2D shapes through attention autism, this is lesson 1 -

Learning about 2D shapes and then 3D shapes in later lessons, this is lesson 1 -

There is also a weekly theme each week which is here on the school website: there are lots of resources to do here!

For maths - 

  • Continue work on counting by counting toys as you play, matching toys to numbers written on paper, counting things you see on a walk or from your window
  • Describing shapes, this could be done by looking at items around the house ‘The window is a..? How many sides does a square have? How about corners?’
  • Continue to practise number formations either using pen and paper or a small amount of salt in a tray and using your finger

For English - 

  • Practise using adjectives - this could be done by talking about things on a walk or looking out your window ‘I can see a red bus, what can you see?’ ‘Is the ball big or small?’ or if you get a selection of objects and write some adjectives on some paper and get your child to match
  • Practice writing their name and if they’re confident with this start on other members of your households names
  • Reading books together and ask questions about what's happening in the story

Art activity - using objects and paint can you make a pattern, we have done this in class by cutting an apple in half and using two different colours of paint but you could use any objects!

Work packs are being sent out this week, let us know in our weekly calls if there is anything else you’d like to see in the packs or on the website!

Best wishes,

Ms Daisy



Hello Daisy class and families,

I hope you all had a restful and fun half term and enjoyed the sunshine! 

Here are a few ideas to get you going again after the break:


Label the room - using post-it notes or paper label some items in a room (table, chair, bin, etc.) and then have a second of the same words, can they match word to word. Then to make it harder have just the words and they have to label the correct item (not matching this time!) and finally you could practise handwriting by writing the words out (using pen or in sand/rice/etc.)

Make a poster - now the weather has changed could you talk about how to keep safe in the sun and they make a poster to go along? This could just be a drawing of them in the sun with a hat on, or if you are able to print pictures off and they could make a collage?


Firstly I’d say look at the Oak National Academy website ( some of our other primary teachers have been doing lessons on there - I would focus on counting at first either this set of lessons to begin counting to 5 -

Or these for counting beyond 5 -

But have a look around and see what might interest your child!

I would then say working on addition and subtraction is a good way to get back into maths after half term - start by counting a set of objects and then adding or take away one object. Once they are confident with this add or take away two objects and keep going up from there!

This is another good website with lots of maths activities on:

Most importantly just fit the learning in when you can and keep it fun and exploring through play,

Best wishes,

Miss Daisy


DIY I-Spy Bottles - these are bottles with opportunities for discovery that can be made by recycling and reusing the odd pieces from toy sets that are no longer all together. You can make multiple bottles with a number of different themes: wild-life, cars, letters and numbers. All you need are clean, dry and empty plastic bottles that you can fill with dyed dry rice, lentils or even mini alphabet beads. Add in the bigger themed pieces for your child to find. 

Leaf Painting Art - with summer beginning there are plenty of leaves on the trees and bushes around so why not try painting some leaves and printing them onto paper. All you need is paper, paint, paintbrushes and leaves. For a taste safe activity try this edible paint from Red Tricycle (

Choose a letter of the week - this activity involves introducing new foods to your child week by week by having your child choose a letter and then trying a new healthy food that starts with that letter. For example: if your child chooses the letter, they could try broccoli. Broccoli can be eaten raw and cooked so why not try it both ways. If your child chooses the letter W, why not try watermelon?



Sensory activity - Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Play is an activity from The Imagination Tree. This is an imaginative play activity that could also be turned into a science activity which is great for children that love dinosaurs. This activity can be used to explore different temperatures, finding ways to release the dinosaurs from the ‘eggs’ and looking at how objects change physically. You will need balloons, mini dinosaur figures and water. Do not add glitter if you need this to be taste-safe. If you don’t have dinosaurs why not try other animals that come from eggs such as reptiles and birds. - Childhood 101 created a sensory activity idea called Sensory Play with Rosemary Rice for children to explore the feeling of the rice and rosemary and also the smell of the rosemary in the air as they play. This is taste-safe although supervision is encouraged to ensure your child doesn’t try to eat raw rice. You will need raw rice, a little bit of food colouring and rosemary (fresh or dried). Your child can explore the feel of the rice as well as use different containers and kitchen spoons to move the rice around practicing motor skills.



Dear Daisy Class and families,

Glad to hear you’re all doing well and staying safe! I hope your work packs are giving you some ideas of what kinds of learning you could be doing at home. Remember in our class learning is often through exploring and playing so encourage your child to join in with cooking, cleaning up, turn taking games and their own imaginative play. In class our lessons only last around 30 minutes with table tasks being short so don’t worry about your child not wanting to sit for long periods of time!

Here are some more ideas for activities you could do at home:


  • Look for two different items around the house, in the garden or on your walk and get your child to say which one is big/small or tall/short.
  • Making some patterns, you could do this with different colours of paper, using pens, using paint (see the edible paint recipe if you need some ideas to make your own!), chalk outside, or any other way you can think of! Start with a simple pattern (red,blue,red,blue) and then make it harder. These are some pattern songs we listen to in class -

  • Matching objects to numbers. Write 1-10 (or higher!) on some paper and then get your child to count objects (this could be beads, toy cars, pasta, anything!) and match them to the number.


  • In most of your packs I sent some words and pictures of farm animals, get your child to match the words to the pictures and make sure you say the word as they match, if they can match word to picture get them to match word to word, or think up some more animals of your own!
  • Can they practise spelling some of these words, this could be using a pen or using their finger in sand or rice, or using paint and water in the garden, or chalk.
  • Read a book together and then discuss if they liked the book or not and why? Did they like the tractor? Were they scared of the pig? 

These are some of the books that are to do with the farm:

Farmer Duck -

Handa’s Surprise -

The Pig In The Pond -

Most of all continue to stay safe and keep learning through play!

Best wishes,

Miss Daisy



Sensory activities

This website provides a recipe for Homemade Edible Finger Paint which is safe to eat. You will need corn starch, liquid food colouring and water. The website gives you a five step method to complete the paint and gives you some tips. Don’t worry about the mess as this paint comes out of clothes easily. 

To add a more creative and exploratory element to painting sensory activity, try using balloons. You can create a matching game in the paint tray, explore the different ways of putting the paint onto paper and even look at the different patterns you can make. 

This website is for Homemade Rubbery Goop. This edible goop is a lot like playdough but the texture is different. It’s soft, smooth and stretchy. You only need 3 ingredients but can use food colouring to make it a bit more colourful. With only 8 steps you can create a fun sensory toy that can be used imaginatively. Pretend cooking with kitchen utensils is one idea.  



Dear Daisy Class and families,

It is so good to hear everyone is keeping safe and well still - if getting a bit bored! I hope you have all received your next work packs and it has given you some ideas of how to fit in some learning at home.

Lots of you are trying to incorporate learning in play which is great and these are a few ideas that might help:

  • Simply getting them to describe the toys they are playing with, is the train red or blue? How many wheels? Do they fit together? Is the train or the track or next to the track? This will help expand language and communication! This could be done using a choice of symbols that you could make if you think that would help your child.
  • If you’re watching something on TV/iPad can they discuss what is happening? Does the character feel happy or sad? How do we know they’re happy? How many monkeys are on the screen? Some of the stories suggested last week might be useful for these as we watch them a lot in class so they might be more confident in answering
  • I’ve been told there are lots of apps that could help with learning and give more of a focus for their screen time! I will look up some more specific resources for next week!

These are some more songs that we like in Daisy Class:

Dinosaur Stomp -

Pop See Ko -

Banana Banana Meatball -

I know the theme of this term is the farm but if you’re child has an interest in something else and you think they’ll engage more with that go with it!

One of our families said their child has an interest in volcanoes at the moment and this was an experiment that I thought a lot of our students would enjoy doing and you could make an art project out of!

Ultimately just stay safe and try to have fun with the learning!

Miss Daisy




Sensory Activities

This is a recipe for playdough that is a fun and easy to make sensory toy. This recipe is edible so there should be no concern if your child eat some of it. You will require 3 ingredients and the website will give you simple steps to follow, Learning4Kids also offers tips on how to make the playdough last longer and how you can preserve your child’s designs. 

This is a recipe for Cocoa Slime from 3 Boys And A Dog. It is an edible recipe with 5 ingredients and only has 4 steps. You can use this sensory toy to discuss with your child how the they think the different ingredients react together, how it feels to touch and how it smells which encourages your child's verbal communication.



It was nice to hear everyone is doing well and getting on with some great play and learning at home! Some more home learning packs are being sent out soon but here are some more ideas for what you could be doing at home:

This website has lots of ideas for our topic of ‘The Farm’ and you hopefully can give you some activities to fit into the day!

A lot of you said you were doing lots of baking at home, here are some recipes of the kinds of things we make in school:

Cookies we made in maths -

Cheesy twists -

Cornflake cakes (though any cereal would work!) -

Ham and cheese twist (but you could put anything in them) -

Iced biscuits -

Some of you said you were doing lots of work in the garden these are some small ideas that could be done in the garden or on your walk or the living room:

  • Can you set a challenge: 5 star jumps, 2 hops and 3 spins?
  • Counting how many steps it takes to get from the door to the chair - is that more or less steps than from the chair to bike?
  • Throwing and catching or throwing into a box
  • Practising mark making or letter/number formation using a paint brush and water
  • Practising kicking a ball
  • Could you set up a course to follow - use chalk or string for a wiggly line to step on, go under a chair, round some toys and run back?

For any extra English work you could try matching words to pictures (drawn or printed) of animals, food or anything that you think is relevant to your child.

Mostly just fit what kind of learning around keeping your child happy and safe!

Have fun!

Miss Daisy



Please follow the below link for the  'Story Massage Program'



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks

Dear parents and carers,

Update 27.04.2020

It was nice to speak to you all this week and glad to hear you’re getting on well! I think I’d continue to promote learning through play and include it where you can! These are some more ideas of things we do in class that could help:

Making playdough - this is a simple playdough recipe. On the website there are also links to ideas to make salt dough, bubbles and slime.

Trying to include measure in the day - can you build a tower that is the same height as you/someone else/your shoe/favourite toy? Can you line your cars/dinosaurs up, if you lie down next to it, is that line longer than you? Shorter? How many toys did you use?

Working on letter and number formation - this could be done using pen and paper, chalk on the ground outside, put shaving foam in a tray and use your finger.

Geography idea - make a map of a farm, this could be in chalk outside, using pen and paper, using toys and objects around the house, or even on the computer! Then ask questions about the farm - what are the pigs next to? Are the cows on or under the grass? 

Some of the stories we like to watch in class 

Stickman -

Room on the Broom -

The Gruffalo -

The Gruffalo’s Child -

Sensory ideas:

We use a lot of shaving foam in class - toys could be put in a tray and they can find them. We also use hair gel in trays and corn flour mixed with water. 

Having water in a tray/bowl to play with outside!

You could make sensory bottles these are some ideas but you could put anything in the bottles -

We also watch this in class as a calming activity could be useful around bedtime -

Hope you continue to stay safe and well! If you need anymore ideas please let us know in the calls and I can put them on the next website update!

Miss Daisy



Printable Rainbow Certificate

'Dear parents and carers, 

Update 20.04.2020

I hope you all had a relaxing Easter break and stayed safe and well! I recommend you continue to keep promoting social skills and learning through play. 

The topic this term is ‘The Farm’ 

In English some of the books we were going to do ‘Handa’s Surprise’, ‘Farmer Duck’ and ‘Duck in the Truck’ all of these books can be found on YouTube. We would have discussed the books in class - pointing out the people, animals and characters in the story; counting objects in the books; how might the characters feel? 

Picture to picture, picture to word and word to word matching could be done for relevant words in the books (duck, cow, sheep, etc.) these could just be drawings!

In Maths we would have been working on addition and subtraction. This could be done by counting objects, adding objects and then counting them again. The same for subtraction.

We would also be working on position and direction. This could be done at home by putting objects in locations and for your child to be able to use preposition language to describe where the object is (in, on, under, next to, etc.).  This could be linked to the farm by using farmyard animals! 

Practising handwriting is also a good idea!

I’ve linked some of the songs we like to use in class that might give your child a sense of routine!

Hope you are all keeping safe and well,

Miss Daisy - weather song - days of the week song - lunchtime song - wash your hands song - 5 little speckled frogs - 10 little dinosaurs'

Dear parents and carers,

Please find a list of activities and ideas to support your child's learning at home. Although I suggest during this time off and Easter focusing on lots of social skills. I have also linked lots of sensory play for ideas for sensory learning. Children often prefer a structure to the day, our activities at school normally last half an hour with a break in between for some play - but do whatever works for your child and family!
Turn taking games - can they say whose turn it is?
Helping with tidying and cleaning
Keeping fit - Joe Wicks is doing a PE class every morning at 9 am on his YouTube
Read books and discuss what you have read - can they point to characters or objects in the book?
Paint/ draw/ create!
Playing shops - we have recently been working on money in maths!
Counting objects from you window - how many birds can you see?
Counting objects to match a number
Sorting shapes - draw shapes on paper - can they be sorted into squares/ circles/ etc. Can they count the sides and corners? 
Making challenge cards - 10 star jumps, 5 hops etc. This will help keep active and practise counting.
Next terms theme is 'The Farm'.   Some ideas relating to that are:
Looking at and naming pictures of farm animals
Matching words to pictures (word up)
Think of what noises farm animals make and doing them!
Some more sensory ideas:

 Most importantly I hope you are all staying safe, relaxed and well in these uncertain times,
Best wishes,
Miss Daisy and the Daisy class team



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