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Welcome to the online learning page for Cedar.

Any tasks, resources or homework will be published below when they become available: 


Dear Parents and Pupils,

It is almost hard to believe that we are in the last week of this school year!

It has been a rather unusual year, but you have worked extremely hard and kept up with your learning as best as you could. Well done. You will be receiving calls from your new class teacher this week. This is for them to introduce themselves to you.

As the summer holiday starts, I want you to make sure you look after yourself. I have attached a sheet with suggestions for you to write a post card to your new teacher. What would you like to tell them about yourself? I am also attaching some Summer reading activities.

Take time to get out and enjoy the sunshine or it might be that there would not be much sun but enjoy the fresh air anyway. The Home pentathlon activity at the bottom of this letter is a good activity that the whole family can take part in from time to time. The link below also has some activities that are good for getting out and active.

You will also find numerous other activities and links on the Woodside Academy website. E.g. cooking at home, check under the additional information section.

Do continue to keep well and safe. I wish you the very best for the next academic year.

Mrs Adelaja


My Control Activity Sheet








Hi Cedar Class.   

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.


In maths this week we are going to be completing some maths skill revision books.

Work on the books of your choice.

 Number and Place Value 

Addition and Subtraction 

Multiplication and Division 



 Properties of Shapes 

3d Shapes 

Position and Movement 

 Summer Maths Activities 1 

Summer Maths Activities 2 



Find the correct spelling

Fill in the missing letters

Word Search 1

Word search 2

Rhyming words.


Find out about London Zoo.

Virtual London Zoo

We’re bringing London Zoo to you! Behind-the-scenes zoo cams, zookeeper diaries and animal updates.


Read the book “Who is at the Zoo?”

Who is at the Zoo? -e book


Reading Activities.

Who is at the Zoo? – Picture Sequencing.

Who is at the Zoo? – Story Map Activity Sheet.

Who is at the Zoo? Map.

Who is at The Zoo? – crossword

Who is at the Zoo? - Word Unscramble.

Who is at the Zoo? - Fill in the blanks activity sheet.

Who is at the Zoo? - Sentences.

Who is at the Zoo? - Book Review

How Animals Move - Activity Sheets.

Escaped Animal Writing



Find out about an animal of your choice and design an information poster.

Animals and Nature | DK Find Out!

Animals and Nature Discover fun facts and quizzes all about animals and plants, and their natural habitats from the rainforest to the African savanna and the polar regions. • Colourful pictures and videos show features of favourite mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and ocean animals. • Learn about trees and flowers, endangered and nocturnal wildlife, and cats, dogs, and ...

Other Activities

Design a home for a penguin.

Who is at the Zoo? Stick Puppets.

Zoo mindfulness colouring.


All about me.

What are your interests?

What are your favourite things? 

Bring this work into school to show your teacher on your first day back in school. 

All about me activity booklet.

New teacher transition booklet.

Happy learning.




Dear Parents and Pupils,

I hope you are well as we start another week of home learning. Well done for all you have done so far. You have certainly made the best of these rather unusual times.

Last week you all told me that you had not yet completed the last learning pack. I hope you have managed to do more. New learning packs (the last for this term) should be getting to you this week. See how far you can go. Remember to note down any questions for when I call to speak to you later in the week.

This week is Well being week. You have worked hard throughout this period and it is very important that we spare some time to think of how to look after all aspects of our life not just the learning. I would like you to watch and listen to the clips below. They have some suggestions that will help with our wellbeing.

The lessons below are from Oak Academy and they are quite interesting, practical and very easy to follow

Finally, I have clipped a Home pentathlon activity and added to the bottom of this letter. It seems like a nice, fun activity for the whole family to do. Try out the activities and do take pictures. I would love to see them.

You will also find numerous other activities and links on the Woodside Academy website. Check under additional information then click on activities to do at home.

Do continue to keep well and safe.

Mrs Adelaja


speed bounce



Dear Parents and Pupils,

I hope you are all well and having a nice week. It is always nice to speak to you and know that you are doing well.

Well done to those who told me they had made a start working on the last learning pack. I hope you have continued working on them. I would like to know how far you have gone when I call to speak to you this week.

As we are getting close to the end of year 9 and looking forward to being in year 10, I would like us to continue to focus on developing skills and understanding as well as experience of the life of work. This is to ensure that we begin to prepare for the next stages of your education and for increased confidence and independence. I would like to direct you to the lessons which you can use by copying and pasting the link below onto your search engines. The links might not work if you just click on them.

I would also like you to participate in the online lesson in the link below

Remember to make sure you go out for some form of physical activity every day. I attach two sheets for you to do. One is to identify some trees and the other leaves. See how many you can find in your garden or Local Park.

This week is science week and there are a lot of activities on the website for you to engage in.

Do continue to keep well and safe.

Mrs Adelaja

 Cereal-Box-Marble-Run DB.pdf.crdownload


Copy of KS3 Carnival Science

Identifying-Leaves-Worksheet (1)



Cedar Older Work

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