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Welcome to the online learning page for Poplar.

Any tasks, resources or homework will be published below when they become available:


Hi Poplar Class.  

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.

This week is "Well Being Week!"


Read the book “The making of Milton.”

Making of Milton -e book.

Sequence the Story.

The Making of Milton sequencing cards.

The Making of Milton sequencing cards -answers.

Sequencing activity.

Making of Milton word mat.

Reading Activities.

Making of Milton Reading Comprehension.

Jar of courage.

Word search.

Matching cards.


Writing Activities.

Write about Milton.

Character description.

Football worries.

What are the characters thinking and feeling?

Thought and speech bubble activity sheets.  

What would you put in a jar of courage?

Recipe for a jar of courage.

Make a poster about being brave.

Courage is within you.

Maths Activities

These Oak Academy lessons will help you with your addition and subtraction skills.

At your own pace, work through the number work lessons for different year groups on the Oak Academy site. The lessons will help you with all your number work skills. 


Add and subtract

Subtraction colour by numbers worksheet.

Maths addition mosaic sheets.

Maths subtraction mosaic sheets.

Addition to 20 colour by number

Multiples of 10 maze activity sheet.

Maths challenge cards.

Games to Play. 

Race to the moon addition to 50

Race to the moon subtracting to 50

Times and divide

Maths multiplication mosaic sheets.

Harder mosaic sheets.

Times and divide challenge cards 

Multiplication and division challenge cards.

Problem solving 

Reasoning cards.


Try solving some multiplication and division word problems at your own level. 

Multiplication and division word problems x2 x5 x10

Multiplication and division word problems x3 x4 x8

Multiplication and division word problems x6 x7 x9


Other Activities

Cutting skills.

Stick puppets.

Worry monster craft.

Courage shortbread.


Play the board game.




Dice and counters.

PSHE activities.

What are your worries?

My bag of worry and sadness.

Stressed writing template.

Worry box template.

What can you do to manage your worry?  

Feeling better 1.

Feeling better 2.

Relaxation spin wheel.

Top ten relaxation techniques.

How to make a worry doll.

Things to look forward to jar.

Daily act of kindness ideas.

Don't forget to look at the other well being activities on this site.

Happy learning everyone!




Hi Poplar Class.   

Here is your online home learning pack for this week. 


In maths this week we are going to be learning about Money.

These lessons from the oak academy will help you with this topic.

Exploring coins and notes.

Compare, add, and subtract money amounts.

Exchange coins for the total cost.

Giving change

These games will also help you.

Recognising and using coins.

Match some money to the pictures of coins and notes.

Coins and Notes Word Mat.

Coin detectives.

Coin ordering cut and paste activity sheet.

Coin rubbing activity sheet.

Counting coins.

Choose the activities you wish to complete.  

Use real coins to help you.

Money in the jar 2ps,5ps and 10ps.

Money in the jar mixed money amounts.

Make the total.

Adding coins homework activity sheet.

Money Loop Cards.

Money matching cards to 50p

Make the amounts.

Working in £ and p

Match the coins to the prices. 

Converting money.

 Adding money amounts.

Working out money problems 

Working out money problems 2

Working out money problems 3

Choose your own level of word problems. 

Work out the change. 

Change from 10p 20p 50p. 

Giving change. (Harder)

Compare and order money amounts.

Who has the most Money? 

Greater than and less than. 

Ordering money amounts. 

It is science week this week.

Don't forget to complete the fairground science activities.

 We are going to find out about space.


Using verbs.

  1. Read the Back to Earth with a Bump book

The Back to Earth with a Bump Story.


2 Talk about the story and make a story map.

Talk cards.

Story map.

 2 Writing activities.

Backpack activity.

Space writing activity.

Postcard from space.

Space word mat.

Space themed activity booklet.  

Find out About Space

Space discovery sack fact cards.

Fact cards.

The planets and solar system reading comprehension.

Earth sun and moon activity sheet.



Planet facts activity sheet.

Finish the solar system fact cards.

Postcard from space.

Plan and write story.

Turn it into a comic strip or a film.

Journey into space descriptive word mat.

Space story word mat.

Space story writing checklist.

Portrait lined space page borders.

Writing checklist.​

Blank comic strip.

Movie filmstrip storyboard.


Other space themed fun activities.

Choose a few of these interesting activities to complete.


The solar system labelling activity sheets.

Order of the planets cut and stick activity.


Craters on the moon experiment.

Bubbling planets experiment.


The planets colouring.

Rockets colouring sheets.

Spaceship porthole.

Cardboard tube rocket.  

Split pin astronaut,

Space themed stick puppets.


Space star biscuits recipe.

Fruit rockets recipe.

Blast off smoothie.


Happy learning.    




Hi Poplar Class.

Here is your home learning for this week.


You are going to be learning about where shapes are and how they move. This is called position and direction.

These Oak Academy revision online lessons about position and direction will help you if you feel you need them.


These lessons will help you to revise how to identify a right angle, so later you know what a right-angle turn is.

This lesson will help you to give directions.

This lesson will help you to understand a quarter of a shape, so you understand a quarter turn.

These lessons will help you to understand rotation or turning.

This lesson will help you to give directions for routes.

This is a recap lesson to help you to revise the topic.


These Oak Academy lessons will help you to revise naming angles and ordering angles.

Please complete these maths activities this week, with adult help if you need it.


Position Language

Position and direction Vocabulary



Types of angles display

Right angles activity sheet

Right angle finders

Right angle hunting

Right Angle


Acute and obtuse angles activity. 


(KS1) Clockwise and anticlockwise display poster

Turns display poster

Following directions 


Animals turning 

Right angle roads

Turning Challenge


Starry Eyed Stan - grid references

Treasure island

Treasure map challenge

Zoo coordinates

World cup coordinates


Coordinate polygons



Activity sheet lovely lines

Little Red Riding Hood directions         


Compass directions worksheet



Read this book

The Old Toy Room- e book

Complete the reading comprehension 

The Old Toy Room -reading comprehension.

Read the old toy fact file. 

Old toy fact files

Choose a toy and write your own fact file 

Toy fact file

Describe a toy.

The Old Toy Room - photo writing frames

Write a diary entry

Chester's diary

or   Lottie's diary

Write about what could happen next after the story ends

Lottie's next adventure 

Plan and write your own story about a toy in an old toy shop. 

Use some of these resources to help you

Write a good story check list 

Story map worksheet

Story star planner

Sensory story setting planner 

Story board template

Other activities

Pick some activities from the learning mat to complete

Toys home learning mat

What are the differences between old and new toys? 

Comparing old and new toys

Old and new toys sorting activity

Use the price labels to make a toy shop using our own toys.

Price tag labels

Give yourself a budget of £10

Add up the prices of real toys. 

Design a Lego Person

Lego Man

Create your own Lego character

Design a fidget spinner. 

Draw a poster to advertise your fidget spinner and write a slogan to advertise it.

Fidget spinner Design

Fidget Spinner slogans 

If you want to use your imagination, design your own super hero or robot toy.

😎Happy learning  



Hi Poplar Class.


We are going to be measuring and calculating the perimeter of shapes.

Please complete the perimeter activities this week, with adult help.

Choose your own level of challenge.

These Oak Academy online lessons about measuring and perimeter will help you to understand perimeter

These Oak Academy online lessons will help you if you want to challenge yourself further.

How to calculate polygon perimeter

Calculate perimeter

Look at the sheets in the pack and choose the level of the challenge you would like to complete.

 You do not have to complete them all, just the sheets you feel confident with.

Perimeter Worksheet 1

Perimeter Worksheet 2

Perimeter Worksheet 3

Perimeter Booklet

Perimeter of Polygons


In English this week, we are going to be writing descriptions.

 These Oak Academy online lessons will help you with the activities. They are about describing charcaters.

To help you with your writing, complete these activities about adjectives, nouns and verbs.



Grade 2 Adjectives C

Grade 2 Adjectives which follow nouns  C

Grade 2 Using adjectives C

Grade 2 Adjective- Sentences

Grade 3 Adjectives - nouns c

Grade 3 Finding adjectives C

Grammar Worksheet grade 3 adjectives 2


Read this story about Dragons, with adult help.

Knights and Dragons Story

Use these cards to help you to discuss the story.

Guided Reading Story Discussion Cards. 

Complete a book review

Dragon Story Book Review.

Complete the reading comprehension

Dragon Story Reading Comprehension

Sequence the story.

Story Sequencing Activity.

Story Sequence cards.

Colour a dragon, or draw your own dragon if you can!

Give your dragon a name.

Dragon Colouring Sheets 

Talk about your dragon with an adult. 

Describe it from head to toe.

What does it sound like?

What does it look like?

What does it smell like?

What would it feel like if you touched it?

What does it eat?

Describe your dragon.

Wow Word Mat

Wow Words Describing a Character

Dragon Adjectives

Describe the Dragon Writing Activity Sheet.

What do you think happened after the story ended?

The next Part of the Story. 

Make a model Dragon

Dragon Paper Model 







Hi Poplar Class.

Here is our home learning for this week.


We are going to revise measuring in cm and mm accurately, using a ruler.

Next week we are going to use these skills to measure and calculate the perimeter of shapes.


Revise measuring in cm and mm.

Play this game

Complete activities to help you revise measuring in cm.

How to use a ruler.

Measure a line activity sheet.

Estimating and measuring in cm.

More or less than 10 cm.

Complete the challenges.

Cut the strips in half challenge with extra word problems.

Multiplying length word problems.

Multiplying length word problems harder

Complete activities to help you revise measuring in mm.

Estimating and measuring in mm.

Measuring in cm and mm activity sheet.

Chocolate bar measuring activity sheet.

Complete the challenges.

Use some string to measure wiggly lines.

Measure wiggly lines

Add and subtract measurements work sheets

Compare the lengths work sheets.

Height investigation.

Use a height chart or a tape measure.

Height chart.

Now measure the height of people living in your house.

Design your own recording sheet to write down the measurements.

Who is the tallest person? 

Keep a record of your own height each week. 

The London Underground.

For Geography and History this week we will be finding out about the London Underground.

Here is a map showing the tube lines in London. 

Can you see that the real tube rail lines wiggle around in different directions under the ground!

London Tube Map.

The tube map you see at the tube station shows the tube routes as straight lines to make it easier for you to follow the map.

London Tube Map Attractions.

Look at both maps on your computer screen.

Which tube line would you get to go from Warren Street Tube Station to Waterloo Tube Station? 

Do the routes look different on the two maps?

Which map is easier to understand?


Now just look at the London Tube Map.

Complete the activities in this PDF.

Activities for London Tube Map and London Underground Routes


What can you find out about the history of the London Underground? Complete this safe web quest.

Write down three interesting facts about the London Underground. 

Now find out how the underground stations were used in World War 2

With adult help, Search for pictures of “People using the London Underground to shelter from bombs during World War 2.” 

This is the sound people heard before they had to shelter.

Here are some pictures and questions to get you started with your research.

Pictures of London Underground Shelters

Explore this link to see how the famous artist Henry Moore drew the people sheltering in the London Underground.


Choose one of these activities:

  1. You could choose to make a chalk drawing on coloured paper of people sheltering in the London Underground like Henry Moore. 


  1. You could choose to make a model of the shelters people Londoners used in the back gardens during the war. This was called an “Anderson Shelter.”

Anderson Shelter Paper Model.


  1. You could make a London Underground paper, plasticine or junk model.

London Underground Paper Model.

  1. You could draw the London Underground station symbol. Instead of adding a station name to the middle, you could write your own name inside it, or the name of where you live. 


We are going to be finding out about the London Marathon.

Here is an article form 2018 explaining what happens and how people raise money for charity.

Complete a reading comprehension of your choice to find out more about this event.

London Marathon 1 and London Marathon 2.  

Sadly, the London Marathon has not taken place this year, but there are lots of famous events in London that you could also research. 

Choose one of these London events in these links and make an information leaflet about the event. 


The Notting Hill Carnival.

The Trooping of the Colour.

The London Zoo Animal Count.


If you ran the London Marathon for Charity, which charity would you choose to represent, plus what costume would you wear? 

With adult help, find some information about a UK charity you would support if you ran the London Marathon.

Write some sentences about the charity. 

Design your own London Marathon charity costume. 

Here are some ideas to help you.

Don’t forget that you can also find some great lessons here.

Happy learning,

 Mrs Colyer.  





Hi Poplar Class, 

This week our KS3 theme is North America. 

North America.

Use this map of the world to help you. You have used it before in class.

Or if you have one, you could use an atlas. 

Make the world Map Jigsaw.

World Map Jigsaw

Label the Map of North America.

Blank Map of North America

Naming Countries and States Activity

Now plan a road trip around North America. 

Where are you going to fly to?

Road Trip to America Boarding Cards


Find out about some North American Cities

City Info Cards 

Road Trip to America City Fact Cards

Passport Pages

City Maps

Make a fact sheet about New York.

All About New York Fact Sheet

Find out about the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty

Second Grade Statue of Liberty


Make a fact sheet about San Francisco

Choose a challenge card. Use the internet or an encyclopedia. Can you find out the answers to the challenges? 

Activity Challenge Cards

Now match the cards to the description.

Match Up Cards North America

Make a model of the Statue of Liberty, an American building, or an American city.

Make a Model


Make a "Stars and Stripes" flag. 

Extra challenge: What can you find out about the history and meaning of this flag? 

Remember to find out all you can about North America online.


Our London Project.

Continue finding out interesting facts about London. 

The River Thames flows through the City of London.

Take a virtual tour of the River Thames and write down five facts about the river.

Information about the River Thames for children

The River Thames seeps out of the earth in a Gloucestershire field near Cirencester. Two hundred and fifteen miles and six counties later, it is swallowed by the North Sea. How long is the River Thames? In comparison with major rivers of the world, the Thames is a very small river. It has a total length of just 346 km (215 miles) and is the ...

The Thames Barrier stops the River Thames from flooding the City of London when there is a very high tide.

There a lots of famous bridges in London to help people get from one side of the city to the other.

Can you find out the names of these bridges and where they are in the city? 

London Bridge.  

Find out some information about this famous bridge. 

How does it open? How does this help boats?

You could design and make your own bridge to go over the River Thames. 

Use this booklet to help you plan and make the bridge. 

Structures. Planning, Designing and Evaluating a Bridge

The Tower of London.

Find out some information about this historic building online.

Read this information about the Tower of London, answer the questions, then compete the activities.

Tower of London Reading Comprehension and Tower of London Questions

Can you find out what the crown jewels are, where they are stored and who wears them? 

The Royal Family.

Where do the Royal Family live when they are in London?

Make a model of Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace Paper model

Read this information about Queen Elizabeth, then answer the questions.

Queen Elizabeth Fact File and Queen Elizabeth Reading Comprehension

Can you make a Royal Family Tree?

New Royal Family Tree Fact Sheet and Royal Family Tree Matching Photo Activity

London Colouring.

London Skyline Mindfulness Colouring and London Colouring and The Great Fire of London Addition to Fifty Colouring


Maths Puzzles and Games.

 Play Four in a Row.

 Four in a Row Number Bonds Game

Code Breaking.

Can you use your maths skills to crack the codes? 

 Emoji Code Breaker 

Emoji Code Breaker Addition

Emoji Code Breaker Subtraction

 Emoji Code Breaker Number 

Emoji Code Breaker Secret Message 

 Crack the Code Under the Sea

Multiplication and Division Problems.

Read the questions, highlight key facts, and use your maths skills to solve the problems.

You can use drawings, counters, a number line or your mental multiplication and division skills to help you. 

The problems get harder, so choose tables that you know.

Colour by 2s 5s and 10s Division Activity Colouring Sheet

Multiplication and Division Word problems x2 x5 x 10

Multiplication and Division Word problems x3 x4 x 8

Multiplication and Division Word problems x6 x7 x 9

Maths Investigations.

These activities have more than one answer, so they are good for helping you with your maths and thinking skills.

 Coins Maths Investigation

 Marbles in a Jar Maths Investigation


English Skills


Watch the videos in these links to find out why these famous people love their books.

Which book is your favourite book read? 

Tell an adult why you like it. 

Choose some cards and complete the activities to help you explore your book.

Reading Challenge Cards

This is good activity to help improve your speaking and listening skills. 

You could tell someone else any story you like. 

Fairy Tale Story Telling

Spelling activities.

Find out about homophones.


Take the English challenge

Print off some English challenge cards to work on at home. 

VCOP Challenge Activity Cards


Half term homework for Poplar Class for the week commencing 25.05.2020:

Poplar Class Letter

Design Your Own Outdoor Fitness Activities.

Now you are allowed to go out doors for a longer period of time, try setting your own fitness challenges.

Early Fitness Station and Exercise Diary

Can you make your own set of fitness challenge cards that will get your own body moving? 

The Rugby Values Activity

Rugby Values Discussion Cards

All sports have values you should follow if you want to be an excellent sportsperson. 

Can you think of your own your own five excellent sports values? Discuss this with an adult.


The values can be written for all sporting people to follow.

They can be written for any sport, including all Paralympic events. 

Make a poster to tell others about your five excellent sporting values.

Connect to Nature

Now you can go outside for a slightly longer time, how can you feel closer to nature again. 

Connecting to Nature

British Sign Language Task.

Search how to sign the seasons and times of the year in British Sign Language.

 Seasons Flashcards and Times of the Year Signs and Labels

Create a Time Capsule.

Collect some happy memories of 2020 for the future.

Make a time capsule by putting safe newspaper or internet clippings, unwanted toys, items of clothing, or empty food packets into a waterproof box.  

Add a letter you have written to the person who will find the box in the future. 

Explain what the objects inside this box mean to you. 

When a person opens your box, looks at the contents and reads your letter in the future, they will understand what it was like to be you in 2020. They will have been taken back in time. 

Seal the box and hide it somewhere.  

You might think of a way to hide the box so another person would only discover it in ten, twenty, fifty, or even one hundred years!

 You could even bury it in the ground somewhere. Ask an adult for help with this first though and stay safe if you do this! 

If you do not want your box to be seen by other people, your time capsule could also be used as a memory box for you or your family to "discover" in the future when you are all older. 

You could just hide it in your wardrobe and open it next year if you like. 

It is up to you. 

Here are some resources to help you.


Choose Objects to Put in a Time Capsule

Letter to My Future Self

Time Capsule Activity Booklet 

My Home Learning Diary 2020

 Final Time Capsule Ideas Printable



Revise fractions if you need to. 

Year 2 Fractions  


Play these fraction games.

  1. Bingo CardsBingo Maths - Counters - Dice 
  2. Making Whole Fractions Game
  3. Fraction Matching Game

Now design and make your own fraction maths game to play with someone else.




Hi Poplar Class.

Here is our home learning for this week.

First, we are going to find out more about hearing impairment.

Research famous hearing-impaired people.

They did not give up and they showed great courage even though they lost their hearing.

Make a safe Google search and find out about one of their lives.

Deaf Role Models 

Evelyn Glennie

Gerry Hughes

Lou Ferrigno

Gertrude Ederle

What did you find out about them? 

Write a fact file about them.

How did deafness inspire Alexander Graham Bell?

Which gadget did he help to invent? 

Find out about his life by watching this video.

Now learn more British Sign Language to communicate with someone who is hearing-impaired.

Use the links from last week to research how to sign numbers and days of the week.

BSL Number Mat 

BSL Days of the Week Matching Activity 

BSL Clock

BSL numbers to 10 


Helen Keller was an inspirational person who lost both her hearing and her sight.

Helen Keller 

What can you find out about her extraordinary and brave life?

Helen Keller Deaf Role Model

What can you find out about what it is like to have a visual impairment?

Blind people use Braille, which is a series of raised dots, to help them read books. 

Can you try reading Braille?

Braille Worksheets


Being indoors all this time makes you feel like you have been hibernating.

Read this story about a hibernating animal.

Don’t Hog the Hedge Reading Comprehension!

Research some animals that like to hibernate and complete some other activities of your choice about these creatures.


Hedgehogs Reading Comprehension

Hibernating Animals Reading Comprehension!

Fact Cards

Hibernating Animals Research Activity Sheet

Who Hibernates.

My hibernation Habitat Activity.

Character Description Worksheet

Step by Step Drawing Instructions

Hedgehog Outdoor Hotel

Multiplication and Division

Addition and Subtraction

BSL Animals Colouring Pages

Can you use modelling materials to make a model hedgehog? 


We like playing Monopoly in class.

Here is a Mathopoly game to print out and to play with an adult.

Game Board 2x A4

Score Sheet

Challenge and Chance Cards



Use some buttons or counters, a number line or a 100 square to work out the answers.

Numbers 0-100 on Number Line

100 Square

Now play a times table and division board game.

3 Times Table Multiplication and Division

4 Times Table Multiplication and Division

5 Times Table Multiplication and Division

If you like a challenge and know all your tables, play this game!

Mixed Multiplication and Division

If you want to learn a different times table, make your own multiplication game to play with an adult.

Blank Game Board Template

Next week all KS3 classes are all studying America. 

You will find the resources for USA work on the shared area of this site next week. 

In the meantime, you might like to start finding out about this country and the people who live there in advance so you are ready!


If you would like a relaxation activity, watch this video and listen to the birds.

RSPB Reserves Dawn Chorus Soundscape

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of the dawn chorus. What can you hear? 0:30-1:00 Whitethroat: this is a really scratchy song, not one you’re likely to ...

Can you identify which birds you heard?

Bird Identifier | British Garden Birds and Many More - The RSPB

The RSPB bird identifier lists 408 species of birds found in the UK, including some rare overseas visitors. Created with Sketch. Choose a filter below to get started. Where did you see it? Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Go back to edit selected filters. Where did you see it? In a meadow or grassland. In mountains or other uplands.



Hi Poplar Class.

Some new work for you to complete.

Have you got an egg at home?

Try this fun challenge.

Acrivity One

 Try to stop an egg breaking when you drop it on the ground.

Egg Drop 1, Egg Drop 2 and Egg Drop 3

 Which design worked the best? 

Which material worked the best?


Activity Two

The weather is warming up. 

You can see more spring flowers, creatures and plants in the garden or the park.  

Take the wildlife challenge! 

I took some photos in my garden and made this wildlife learning journey for you.

Nature Challenge

You could try making a new home for wildlife in your back garden.

Beetle HomeBee Hotel, Bug Hotel 1 and Bug Hotel 2


Activity Three

Have you got a garden or a window box? 

Keep looking for wildlife. 

What can you find and where have you found it? 

Identification Sheet 1, Identification Sheet 2, Record Sheet 1

Match the mini beast name to the mini beast! 

Match Name to Mini Beast


Activity Four

Learn British Sign Language together.

Can you find out how to sign these words?

breakfast    cow      happy    tadpole.

Use the search bar to find  some more words of your choice you can learn together this week.

Can you learn how to sign the alphabet? 

With adult help, search for a finger spelling video online. 

There are lots of videos that you can watch. 

Spelling Mat  and Finger Spelling Mat.

Take the finger spelling challenge.

Finger Spelling Challenge.

Now learn how to greet someone. 

Look online to see how these signs are made in real life. 

Greetings Flash CardsGreetings Word Mat.  


Activity Five

Write about a mini beast.

You can complete some research about your mini beast using these sheets.

Ants, Bees and All about Mini Beasts

Mini Beast Information 1 and Mini Beast Information 2

 Or with adult help, you could look for information about mini beast of your choice online . 

Now write about the mini beast. 

Write about a Mini Beast


Activity Six

Art activities for this week. 


 Design your own mini beast out of junk materials you have lying around your home.

 If you can't think of your own design, follow one of these helpful instructions as a guide. 

Paper FlysPaper SpiderPaper Spider 2Paper BeePebbles, and Spider Art

 You could also complete some mini beast colouring activities. There are lots of colouring sheet sites online. 

 Or you could download and use these colouring sheets, plus your own picture of the mini beast to copy the colours. 

Beetle, Butterfly and Grasshopper

 Maybe you could even draw your own! 

 If you are still feeling creative, visit this web site and follow some of their super ideas for creating mini, outdoor wildlife projects.


Activity Seven

Research the life of a famous person challenge:

Captain Tom Moore.

Read this comprehension sheet about Captain Tom Moore to get you started. 

Captain Tom Moore Raises Millions For NHS Daily News Story.

Answer the questions about his fund raising walk for the NHS. 

What else can you find out about the life of Captain Tom Moore? 

Captain Tom Raises Millions for the NHS Daily News Task Sheet 

Captain Tom Raises Millions for the NHS Image Activity Sheet

You could also use the internet to find out some more information about Captain Tom's life.

What could you do to raise money for a good cause? 

Make a poster advertising your fundraising activity. 


Maths Problem Solving Activities. 

Try these Problem solving activities which have more than one answer. 

Can you find all the ways and find the way to make 35? 

The Tall Tower

Can you find all the ways to build a tower house for seven people?

City of Towers.  

Win the game using a strategy.

Can you beat your opponent using one dice and a grid?

Dotty Six .  

Can you play "Strike it Out" ? (You have played this before in class so you might win!)

Strike it Out 

Strike it Out for Two Number Lines



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks

Updated 29.04.2020

Hi there Poplar Class. 

These activities will help you to read a thermometer and know a little more about temperatures.

First watch this video: 

Try looking for thermometers in and around your home with adult help. 

If you have a thermometer you can use, can you read the scale? How hot is the air temperature today? 

You could place the thermometer in hot or cold water to change the temperature reading and then watch the thermometer working.  What is the temperature now? 

Here are some simple activities about temperature.  

Thermometer Model, Temperature Work,Temperature Card Matching Game and City Temperatures

If you are getting good at reading temperatures, try these harder activities with adult help.

Five Day Temperature RecordingSummer Themed Holiday Temperatures Line Graph,  and Counting Backwards Through Zero

Here are some maths problem solving activities you can complete if you have a pack of playing cards. 

To make the activity harder, use larger numbers. 

Maths Problem Solving Using Playing Cards

Can you complete the pirate sorting chart? 

Pirate Diagram

If you finish it correctly, can you design two pirates of your own to add to the chart? 


Use this map to show how the great fire of London spread.

The activities are at different levels, choose the level you wish to complete. 

The Great Fire of London Map 

Imagine how you would rebuild the city after the fire. 

The Great Fire of London Work 3


Updated 24.04.2020:


Updated 23.04.2020:

These guides will help you to understand some important information about the Covid 19 virus.  

They are written in symbols to help you to understand what to do to keep yourself safe. 

Social Distancing and Staying Home 

This web site will also be very useful if your parents or carers want to find some extra information.

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Printable Rainbow Certificate


Updated 21.04.2020:

Maths problem solving activities for this week:

These timetable problems will help you with real life skills. 

School Timetable Problems and Bus Timetable Problems

Try looking at real timetables to  find out what time buses and trains run in your local area as well. 

These extra maths problems will get you thinking. All you need is some coloured pencils, some money and some paper. 

Find all the Ways and Money Problems

Art for this week. 

Try making the paper models for a London phone box and a London bus. 

You will need a pair of scissors, some red pencils or pens and some glue. 

London-Bus-Paper-Model-Line-Art and London-Phone-Box-Paper-Model-Line-Art

Reading for this week. 

Find out about the Great Fire of London.  

Watch the interactive story and play the game about the Great Fire of London we posted on our page before the Easter Holidays.

Read the information about the Great Fire of London and answer the questions in full sentences. 

Great Fire of London Reading Comprehension.

Remember, if you find the work too easy, challenge yourself by searching  more information online about the history of The Great Fire of London with adult help. 

Lastly, to celebrate all that our NHS key workers are doing for us today, draw a rainbow for your window and make this recipe for Rainbow Fruit Skewers.

More activities next week. 

This is your Geography, Computing and English learning for this week. 

You are going to write a fact sheet about a London landmark. 

Always browse the internet with an adult to help you. 

Complete some internet safety activities with an adult before you go online.

Now you are ready to use "Google Street View" to observe some famous London landmarks online.  

Find out how to do this by reading this "Using Google Maps" activity. 21.04.2020 using-google-maps-968533

Now look at these pictures on this sheet and match the name to the landmark.  London-Landmarks

You can find out lots of interesting information about London Landmarks. You can read about some of them here. 


You can also find out lots of information about London Landmarks online with adult help. 

Remember how to make a fact sheet? Read these instructions if you are stuck: 

 Make a Fact File Instructions

If you want a challenge and have a laptop, you could even type up your fact file in Word.

Well done, you have made a fact sheet about a London landmark. 

This is your maths work for this week. 

Your challenge is to find out how long your favourite TV programs last for. 

You can use a TV magazine  or an on-line TV guide. (Insert this link here. )

Use a clock or a watch to work out how long some TV programs last. Write down the times this record sheet or a piece of paper.

TV Times Instructions.

If you feel confident, work out the challenge questions at the bottom of the sheet with adult help. 

TV Times Activity

Well done, you have used a TV guide to find out how long some TV programs last. 

How are you feeling? 

Remember to talk about your feelings with an adult every day. It will help you to stay positive!  

We are learning to tell the time in class. 

Work on telling the time using a real clock or watch once a day at home. 

Here are some games to help you:

  • Start with O'clock times.
  • Then, work on half past times. 
  • Next, work on  quarter to and a quarter past times. 

When you can read those times easily  you can try telling the  time in lots of five minutes. 

If you are a time expert, try matching digital times to a clock face.


Some more activities to help you with your maths skills

Estimate and Measure Mass PDF

Estimate and Measure CapacityPDF

Explore the games on this site to work on area and perimeter:  

There are lots of other games to explore as well


You may find the following websites useful as you learn to tell the time:


You may find the following resources useful as you learn to tell the time: 

5 min intervals 

Half past times

O'clock and half past times

O'clock times

O'clock, half past, quarter to and past

Peg matching game (quarter to)

Peg matcing game (to 5 minutes)

Telling the time ice cream

O'clock and half past times

Reading the time 



This term, we have been studying how food is produced and recipes.


Read the Easter Story



Next term, we are going to be studying London Landmarks and  the Great Fire of London.

You can explore this game to help you to understand what happened in the past in London. 

Take a virtual 360 degree tour of London.



Read these stories with an adult:

Listen to these stories:

Some more activities to help you with your English skills.

What is a noun?

What is a verb?

What are adjectives?

Make a comic book

 Here are some ideas for writing a  book review. 

 Book Review PDF

Here are some ideas for playng some listening games:

Listen and Do 1 PDF

Listen and Do 2 PDF

Listen and Do 3 PDF

Have a conversation with an adult.

Question Cards for a Conversation PDF



Follow some simple instructions to make and do:










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