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Welcome to the online learning page for Poplar.

Any tasks, resources or homework will be published below when they become available:


Hi Poplar Class.   

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.


Maths revision activities of your choice. 

Summer Maths Activity Booklet 1.

Summer Maths Activity Booklet 1 Answers.

Summer Maths Activities 2.

Summer Maths Activities 2 Answers.

Summer Maths Booklet 3.

Summer Maths Booklet 3 Answers.

Addition to 20 Seaside Colour by Numbers.

Addition and Subtraction Home Learning Activity Booklet.

Multiplication and Division Home Learning Activity Booklet.

Fractions Home Learning Activity Booklet.

Code Breaker Sheets

Summer Holidays Activities Board Game.



Phase 2 High Frequency Word Writing Practice Worksheets.

Phase 3 High Frequency Word Writing Practice Worksheets.

Phase 4 High Frequency Word Writing Practice Worksheets.

Phase 5 High Frequency Word Writing Practice Worksheets.

Spelling and Reading Common Exception Words Activity Booklet

Reading Activities.

Summer Themed Word Search

Summer Reading Challenge Activity Booklet

Reading Record Booklet

All about Beaches Reading Comprehension

Sun Sea and Beach Safety Reading Comprehension

How to Have a Safe Summer Holiday.

Sammy the Sea Gull Safe Summer Holiday.

Writing Activities.

Summer Holidays Missing Emojis 2

Summer English Activity Booklet 1

Summer English Activity Booklet 1 Answers

Summer English Activity Booklet 2

Summer English Activity Booklet 2 Answers

Summer Holiday Hopes Activity Sheet.

Do and Discover Tasks.

Summer Holiday Write Up Activity Sheet.

Summer Holiday Writing Template.

Recount Writing Frames.

My Summer Booklet.

All about Postcards.

Postcard to my New Teacher.

Postcard Writing Template.

Other Activities

20 Screen Free Activities for Home Learning.

Summer Holiday Challenges Activity Sheet.

Summer Challenge Activity sheet.

Summer Activity Bingo.

Summer Holidays Kindness Challenges.


Creative Activities.

Seaside in a Bottle.

Make a Seaside in a Jar.

Ice Cream Cone Craft.

Paper Plate Sun Craft.

Summer Mindfulness Colouring.

Mindfulness Seaside Pinwheel.

Sunglasses Summer Art Activity.   

Have a great summer.

Happy learning.


Mrs Colyer.




Hi Poplar Class.  

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.


In maths this week we are going to be completing some maths skill revision books.

Work on the books of your choice.


Number and Place Value 

Addition and Subtraction 

Multiplication and Division 





Properties of Shapes 

3d Shapes 

Position and Movement 

Summer Maths Activities 1 

Summer Maths Activities 2 


Addition and Subtraction -Challenge Workbook.

Addition and Subtraction -Challenge Answers.

 Place Value -Challenge Workbook.

Place Value -Challenge Answers




Find the correct spelling

Fill in the missing letters

Word Search 1

Word search 2

Rhyming words.


Find out about London Zoo.


Read the book β€œWho is at the Zoo?”

Who is at the Zoo? -e book

 Reading Activities.

Who is at the Zoo? – Picture Sequencing.

Who is at the Zoo? – Story Map Activity Sheet.

Who is at the Zoo? Map.

Who is at The Zoo? – crossword

Who is at the Zoo? - Word Unscramble.

Who is at the Zoo? - Fill in the blanks activity sheet.

Who is at the Zoo? - Sentences.

Who is at the Zoo? - Book Review

How Animals Move - Activity Sheets.

Escaped Animal Writing

Emperor Penguin Reading Comprehension. 


Find out about an animal of your choice and design an information poster.


Write an Animal Story

Animal Story Cut Outs.

Story Mountain.

Animal Story Writing Checklist.

Animal Story Word Mat.

Other Activities

Design a home for a penguin.

Who is at the Zoo? Stick Puppets.

Zoo mindfulness colouring.

 All about me.

What are your interests?

What are your favourite things? 

Bring this work into school to show your teacher on your first day back in school. 

All about me activity booklet.

New teacher transition booklet. 

Happy learning.





Hi Poplar Class.  

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.

This week is "Well Being Week!"


Read the book β€œThe making of Milton.”

Making of Milton -e book.

Sequence the Story.

The Making of Milton sequencing cards.

The Making of Milton sequencing cards -answers.

Sequencing activity.

Making of Milton word mat.

Reading Activities.

Making of Milton Reading Comprehension.

Jar of courage.

Word search.

Matching cards.


Writing Activities.

Write about Milton.

Character description.

Football worries.

What are the characters thinking and feeling?

Thought and speech bubble activity sheets.  

What would you put in a jar of courage?

Recipe for a jar of courage.

Make a poster about being brave.

Courage is within you.

Maths Activities

These Oak Academy lessons will help you with your addition and subtraction skills.

At your own pace, work through the number work lessons for different year groups on the Oak Academy site. The lessons will help you with all your number work skills. 


Add and subtract

Subtraction colour by numbers worksheet.

Maths addition mosaic sheets.

Maths subtraction mosaic sheets.

Addition to 20 colour by number

Multiples of 10 maze activity sheet.

Maths challenge cards.

Games to Play. 

Race to the moon addition to 50

Race to the moon subtracting to 50

Times and divide

Maths multiplication mosaic sheets.

Harder mosaic sheets.

Times and divide challenge cards 

Multiplication and division challenge cards.

​Problem solving 

Reasoning cards.


Try solving some multiplication and division word problems at your own level. 

Multiplication and division word problems x2 x5 x10

Multiplication and division word problems x3 x4 x8

Multiplication and division word problems x6 x7 x9


Other Activities

Cutting skills.

Stick puppets.

Worry monster craft.

Courage shortbread.


Play the board game.




Dice and counters.

PSHE activities.

What are your worries?

My bag of worry and sadness.

Stressed writing template.

Worry box template.

What can you do to manage your worry?  

Feeling better 1.

Feeling better 2.

Relaxation spin wheel.

Top ten relaxation techniques.

How to make a worry doll.

Things to look forward to jar.

Daily act of kindness ideas.

Don't forget to look at the other well being activities on this site.

Happy learning everyone!




Hi Poplar Class.   

Here is your online home learning pack for this week. 


In maths this week we are going to be learning about Money.

These lessons from the oak academy will help you with this topic.

Exploring coins and notes.

Compare, add, and subtract money amounts.

Exchange coins for the total cost.

Giving change

These games will also help you.

Recognising and using coins.

Match some money to the pictures of coins and notes.

Coins and Notes Word Mat.

Coin detectives.

Coin ordering cut and paste activity sheet.

Coin rubbing activity sheet.

Counting coins.

Choose the activities you wish to complete.  

Use real coins to help you.

Money in the jar 2ps,5ps and 10ps.

Money in the jar mixed money amounts.

Make the total.

Adding coins homework activity sheet.

Money Loop Cards.

Money matching cards to 50p

Make the amounts.

Working in Β£ and p

Match the coins to the prices. 

Converting money.

 Adding money amounts.

​Working out money problems 

Working out money problems 2

Working out money problems 3

Choose your own level of word problems. 

Work out the change. 

​Change from 10p 20p 50p. 

Giving change. (Harder)

​Compare and order money amounts.

Who has the most Money? 

Greater than and less than. 

Ordering money amounts. 


It is science week this week.

Don't forget to complete the fairground science activities.

 We are going to find out about space.


Using verbs.

  1. Read the Back to Earth with a Bump book

The Back to Earth with a Bump Story.


2 Talk about the story and make a story map.

Talk cards.

Story map.

 2 Writing activities.

Backpack activity.

Space writing activity.

Postcard from space.

Space word mat.

Space themed activity booklet.  

Find out About Space

Space discovery sack fact cards.

Fact cards.

The planets and solar system reading comprehension.

Earth sun and moon activity sheet.



Planet facts activity sheet.

Finish the solar system fact cards.

Postcard from space.

Plan and write story.

Turn it into a comic strip or a film.

Journey into space descriptive word mat.

Space story word mat.

Space story writing checklist.

Portrait lined space page borders.

Writing checklist.​

Blank comic strip.

Movie filmstrip storyboard.


Other space themed fun activities.

Choose a few of these interesting activities to complete.


The solar system labelling activity sheets.

Order of the planets cut and stick activity.


Craters on the moon experiment.

Bubbling planets experiment.


The planets colouring.

Rockets colouring sheets.

Spaceship porthole.

Cardboard tube rocket.  

Split pin astronaut,

Space themed stick puppets.


Space star biscuits recipe.

Fruit rockets recipe.

Blast off smoothie.


Happy learning.    

 Poplar Older Work


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