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An enjoyable and visual reminder of how to use Maths in everyday life at home with your children.  Try it just for fun or help with homework.  Maths at home videos are designed to feel like they are taking place on a table at home, encouraging communication, conversation and lots of fun while working on them.  The videos also highlight learning opportunities within cookery, play, decorating and gardening.  Most importantly, they are designed to ignite conversations between you and your children to make Maths a positive and enjoyable experience outside of school.

Y1, 2 and 3 activities would be most suitable

Have a go - please click on the link below:

Maths Resources

KS 1

KS 2

KS 3

GCSE Maths



To support your son or daughter’s learning at home, the link below will provide you with opportunities to reinforce his/her school learning experiences with your support.

Click on the links below and you will not only find a range of BBC resources but also a direct link to Bitesize.



Both these educational sites have a range of interesting and varied English resources.  There are a variety of topics ranging from early learning to Shakespeare.

The websites include:

  • Films, videos and animations
  • Podcasts and documentaries
  • Quizzes and competitions
  • Spelling
  • School radio debates,
  • Dramas, scriptwriting , literature, poetry and classic stories

We are sure you will find a great many activities that will engage your son or daughter and take their literacy learning forward.  An important element of developing your son or daughter’s English and literacy skills is to encourage speaking and listening. For example, before starting, you could talk about the activity, film, quiz etc. Talking about the task also allows you both to enjoy quality time together.

Your son or daughter’s teacher would be really pleased to hear how you have used these websites. We look forward to receiving your comments.