Keeping Children Safe

We are in an information age and pupils can learn a huge amount from the internet and communicate with friends and family through mobile phones.  However there can also be a down side, that of cyber-bullying.  This is the sending of unpleasant texts or posting nasty items on social networking sites, that sort of thing and is unfortunately another area which is growing rapidly. It is different from more traditional forms of bullying. Some pupils have 24 hour access to the internet or a mobile phone and so it can be hard to escape. The audience for the bullying can be potentially huge and comments and pictures are likely to stay online forever.

In school we use assemblies, PSHCE and our links with the safer neighbourhood team to educate our pupils about the dangers of cyber bullying.  We also ask parents/carers to look out of this and if you have any concerns that their child is being cyber-bullied, they should please print off any available evidence and report it to the School as soon as possible.


Parent Safety Guides to social media and online gaming.

Please follow the link below to the National Online Safety website.  On this page there are Parent Guides to social media sites and also online gaming sites.  The guides tell you about the programs, the age limit required to sign up to the programs and how to keep your children safe when they are using them.  Guides to some of the apps the students say they use are attached below.