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Welcome to the online learning page for Lily.

Any tasks, resources or homework will be published below: 


Lily Class Letter



Lily Class Letter

Bugs, Bees and Butterflies

Outdoor Art



Lily Class Letter & Activities

Outdoor Science Activities

outdoor using a building


Outdoor Art Ideas



Lily Class - Books

Lily Class Maths/Art/Science/Sensory



Lily Class Letter and Activities



Books for Lily class June 2020

Maths and sensory for Lily class

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outdoor art

DIY I-Spy Bottles - these are bottles with opportunities for discovery that can be made by recycling and reusing the odd pieces from toy sets that are no longer all together. You can make multiple bottles with a number of different themes: wild-life, cars, letters and numbers. All you need are clean, dry and empty plastic bottles that you can fill with dyed dry rice, lentils or even mini alphabet beads. Add in the bigger themed pieces for your child to find. 

Leaf Painting Art - with summer beginning there are plenty of leaves on the trees and bushes around so why not try painting some leaves and printing them onto paper. All you need is paper, paint, paintbrushes and leaves. For a taste safe activity try this edible paint from Red Tricycle (

Choose a letter of the week - this activity involves introducing new foods to your child week by week by having your child choose a letter and then trying a new healthy food that starts with that letter. For example: if your child chooses the letter, they could try broccoli. Broccoli can be eaten raw and cooked so why not try it both ways. If your child chooses the letter W, why not try watermelon?



Sensory activity - Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Play is an activity from The Imagination Tree. This is an imaginative play activity that could also be turned into a science activity which is great for children that love dinosaurs. This activity can be used to explore different temperatures, finding ways to release the dinosaurs from the ‘eggs’ and looking at how objects change physically. You will need balloons, mini dinosaur figures and water. Do not add glitter if you need this to be taste-safe. If you don’t have dinosaurs why not try other animals that come from eggs such as reptiles and birds. - Childhood 101 created a sensory activity idea called Sensory Play with Rosemary Rice for children to explore the feeling of the rice and rosemary and also the smell of the rosemary in the air as they play. This is taste-safe although supervision is encouraged to ensure your child doesn’t try to eat raw rice. You will need raw rice, a little bit of food colouring and rosemary (fresh or dried). Your child can explore the feel of the rice as well as use different containers and kitchen spoons to move the rice around practicing motor skills.



18th May 2020 Lily Class

Sensory Activities



Link To Phonics -


100 Things To Do Indoors



Sensory activities

This website provides a recipe for Homemade Edible Finger Paint which is safe to eat. You will need corn starch, liquid food colouring and water. The website gives you a five step method to complete the paint and gives you some tips. Don’t worry about the mess as this paint comes out of clothes easily. 

To add a more creative and exploratory element to painting sensory activity, try using balloons. You can create a matching game in the paint tray, explore the different ways of putting the paint onto paper and even look at the different patterns you can make. 

This website is for Homemade Rubbery Goop. This edible goop is a lot like playdough but the texture is different. It’s soft, smooth and stretchy. You only need 3 ingredients but can use food colouring to make it a bit more colourful. With only 8 steps you can create a fun sensory toy that can be used imaginatively. Pretend cooking with kitchen utensils is one idea.  




11th May 2020 Lily Class



Sensory Activities

Cloud Dough

Herb Gardening

Outdoor Crayon art


Spinning Drum



Sensory Activities

This is a recipe for playdough that is a fun and easy to make sensory toy. This recipe is edible so there should be no concern if your child eat some of it. You will require 3 ingredients and the website will give you simple steps to follow, Learning4Kids also offers tips on how to make the playdough last longer and how you can preserve your child’s designs. 

This is a recipe for Cocoa Slime from 3 Boys And A Dog. It is an edible recipe with 5 ingredients and only has 4 steps. You can use this sensory toy to discuss with your child how the they think the different ingredients react together, how it feels to touch and how it smells which encourages your child's verbal communication.



4th May 2020 Lily Class



Please follow the below link for the  'Story Massage Program'



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks

16 Activities That Count As Learning

Fun Activities


Tuesday 28th April 2020 Lily Class


Friday 24th April 2020 Lily Class 

ClickClackMooCows That Type Activity Bag

The Farm Writing Prompt - Straight Lines Precursive

Animal Flash Cards


Pencil Control Book

Phase 1 Alphabet Mat

Phase 2 Sound Mat

Phase 3 Sound Mat

Phase 4 Sound Mats

Phase 5 Sound Mat




 23rd April 2020 Lily Class

Data Collection Thursday 23rd April


I Spy

The Farm Writing Prompt

Toys Home Learning Challenge Activity Sheet





 Printable Rainbow Certificate

Lily Class - New Resource



 Listen to free stories -

21.04.2020 Lily Class Home Learning



20th April 2020 Lily Class Family Fitness - Introduction (1)

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - Hot Steps

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - Jumping Jacks (1)

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - Lunges (1)

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - Mountain Climbers

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - Press up Points (1)

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - Squat Jumps (1)

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - The Plank (1)

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - The Wall Sit (1)

20.04.2020 Family Fitness - Tuck Jumps (1)

20.04.2020 Static Stretches (1)

20.04.2020 Reading English Planning for 5 weeks

20.04.2020 where do they live. science habitats

20.04.2020 t-t-5542-on-the-farm-animal-homes-_ver_2 (1)



Please refer to the link below for the Lily Class timetable from Friday 3rd April 2020: 

Lily Class Timetable 3.4.2020


Additonal resources: 

Top tips for using schedules with students with autism - 2.4.2020

Attention Autism - Bucket Time - 2.4.2020

Learning linked to growing and plants - 2.4.2020

Lily Class Home Learning 1.4.2020



Keepie Uppie

Opportunities for communication

Reading for meaning bookmark

Sound Hunt


Tea time is talking

Letter formation alphabet

Handwriting activity sheets

Opportunities for communication

Opportunites for communication 2

Tea time is talking

Year 1 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 1 Home Learning Pack 

Year 2 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 2 Home Learning Pack 

Communication friendly ipad use 

Websites to use

Lily class learning packs 1

Lily class learning packs 2

Year 1 practical ideasYear 1 practical ideas

Year 2 practical ideas

Activities to develop turn taking 

At home

Attention and listening games from home



Design your own plant pot

Science worksheet

Sequencing Pictures

Plant growth prediction worksheet

What plants need to grow

Plants and flowers hunt sheet

Parts of a plant and flower labelling worksheet

Plant growth sequencing activity

What plants need interactive visual aid 

What plants need 

Messy play

Messy play activities

Messy play top tips

PE and sport activities at home

Sensory activities

Activity comprehension Challenges

Activity Phonics Challenges

Activity Spelling Games

Activity Writing Challenges








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