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Welcome to the online learning page for Beech.


Hi Beech Class.   

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.


In maths this week we are going to be completing some maths revision.


Summer Maths Activity Booklet 1.

Summer Maths Activity Booklet 1 Answers.

Addition to 20 Seaside Colour by Numbers.

Summer Holidays Activities Board Game.


Summer Maths Activities 2.

Summer Maths Activities 2 Answers.

Addition and Subtraction Home Learning Activity Booklet.

Multiplication and Division Home Learning Activity Booklet.

Fractions Home Learning Activity Booklet.

Summer Maths Booklet 3.

Summer Maths Booklet 3 Answers.

Code Breaker Sheets.


 Reading Activities.

Choose the level you like to work at. 

Summer Reading Challenge Activity Booklet.

More Reading Challenges.

Reading Record Booklet

Summer Themed Word Search

All about Beaches Reading Comprehension

Sun Sea and Beach Safety Reading Comprehension

How to Have a Safe Summer Holiday.

Sammy the Sea Gull Safe Summer Holiday.

 Writing Activities.

Do and Discover Tasks.

Summer Holiday Snapshots.

Summer English Activity Booklet 1

Summer English Activity Booklet 1 Answers

My Summer Booklet

Summer English Activity Booklet 2

Summer English Activity Booklet 2 Answers

Summer Holiday Write Up Activity Sheet.

Recount Writing Frames.

Summer Holidays Missing Emojis 3

Summer English Activity Booklet 3

Summer English Activity Booklet 3 Answers

All about Postcards.

Postcard to my New Teacher.

Postcard Writing Template.

Other Activities

20 Screen Free Activities for Home Learning.

Summer Holiday Challenges Activity Sheet.

Summer Challenge Activity sheet.

Summer Activity Bingo.

Summer Holidays Kindness Challenges.


Creative Activities.

Seaside in a Bottle.

Make a Seaside in a Jar.

Ice Cream Cone Craft.

Paper Plate Sun Craft.

Summer Mindfulness Colouring.

Mindfulness Seaside Pinwheel.

Sunglasses Summer Art Activity.   

Have a great summer.

Happy learning.


Beech Learning Team. 



Hi Beech Class.


1. Beech Class learning letter.


We are going to be using some maths work books to revise our skills.


Place Value Book.

Place Value Answers.

Add and Subtract Book.

Add and Subtract Answers.

Shape Book.

Shape Answers.

Maths Activity Book 1.

Maths Activity Book 1 Answers.


Place Value 3 Workbook

Place Value 3 Answers

Add and Subtract 3 Workbook

Add and subtract 3 Answers

Summer Booklet 3

Summer Booklet 3 Answers

Graphs 3 Workbook

Graphs 3 Answers

Measures 3 Workbook

Measures 3 Answers


Spelling Activities.

2- Word Search 1

2 Word Search 2

2- Missing Letters

2- Correct Spelling



3- Word Search 1

3 Word Search 2

3- Rhyming Words 1

3- Rhyming Words 2

4- Missing Letters 1

4- Missing Letters 2

Challenge Word Search 1

Challenge Word Search 2

Find out about an animal of your choice and make an information poster.


Read some more facts about animals.

You could also find out more information online using a safe search, with an adult to help you.

Tigers Reading Comprehension

Emperor Penguin Reading Comprehension 

Animal Facts

Now make a fact file.

  1. Animal Research report.

Animal Research Writing Template.

Animal Comparison Research.

African Animals Fact File.

What does “endangered species” mean?

Endangered Species.

Find out about an endangered animal and make a fact file.

Fact Sheet Endangered Animals.

Endangered Animal Fact File.

Read about cheetahs being released into the wild with adult help.

Cheetahs Released into the Wild

Cheetah Brothers 60 Second Read


Do you think animals should be kept in zoos to protect them from becoming endangered?

You will need adult help to read the information and to discuss what you think.



Information About Zoos.

Technical Vocabulary.

 Animals in the Wild V Animals in Captivity -Thoughts Sheet.

 What do you think now?

Other Activities

Design a Good Home for a Penguin.

Zoo Mindfulness Colouring.

Write some information about yourself for your next teacher.

What are your interests?

What are your favourite things? 

All About Me Book.

 Bring this work into school to show your teacher on your first day back in school. 

 Happy Learning.






Hi Beech Class.   

Beech class learning letter

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.


Read the challenge reading book “Under the Lights.”

Under the lights -e book.


Sequence the Story.

Mixed order.


Reading Activities.

Guided reading questions.

Under the Lights reading comprehension.

Discussion cards.

Word search.

Writing Activities.

Writing a diary.

Book review


Challenge activities to complete with adult help.

Speech punctuation worksheet.

Making plural nouns worksheet.

Nouns verbs and adjectives.

Time cause and effect.

Apostrophes of possession.


Suffix ed

Suffix ly

Adding ing

Colour by word class.

Other Activities

Colouring Pages.

Maths Activities

Solve the problems.


  1. Choose your own level.
  2. Underline the numbers.
  3. Do you use add, subtract, times or divide?
  4. Work out the answer and write down how you did it.
  5. Check your answer is correct.


Maths Word problems 1.

Capacity challenge cards.

Metric measurement word problem task cards.

Animal mass activity sheets.

Perimeter Questions. 

Perimeter Answers.

Multiplication and division word problems x2 x5 x10.

Multiplication and division word problems x3 x4 x8.

Multiplication and division word problems x6 x7 x9.

British money word problems.

Snack bar differentiated activity sheets.

Money addition worksheet.

At the beach café money worksheets.


PSHE activities.

What are your worries?

My bag of worry and sadness.

Stressed writing template.

Worry box template.

What can you do to manage your worry?  

Feeling better 1.

Feeling better 2.

Top ten relaxation techniques.

Things to look forward to jar.

Daily act of kindness ideas.

Turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Under the lights building resilience presentation.

Resilience poster.

Happy learning everyone! 





Hi Beech Class.   

Here is your online home learning pack for this week.

Beech Class learning letter 


Multiplication flash cards.

Multiplication set 0 - 12. 

Measuring and calculating the perimeter of shapes.

These Oak Academy online lessons about measuring and perimeter will help you with this work.

These Oak Academy online lessons will help you if you want to challenge yourself further

Complete the perimeter activities, with adult help.

Choose your own level of challenge


How to calculate polygon perimeter.

Calculate perimeter. 

Perimeter Worksheet 1.

Perimeter Worksheet 2.

Perimeter Worksheet 3.

Perimeter Booklet.

Measuring perimeter in cm.

Perimeter of Polygons.

Perimeter problem.


It is science week this week.

Don't forget to complete the fairground science activities.


We are going to find out about space.



Using verbs.

  1. Read the Back to Earth with a Bump book

The Back to Earth with a Bump Story.


2 Talk about the story and make a story map.

Talk cards.

Story map.


2 Writing activities.

Backpack activity.

Space writing activity.

Postcard from space.

Space word mat.

Space themed activity booklet.  

Skills sheets.

But or so conjunctions activity sheet

Homophones practice -They’re, there or their.


Reading Activities

A space adventure - activity card.

Who is Buzz Aldrin? - activity card.

Marvellous Moon Tours - activity card.

The Planet Zog – activity card


Space discovery sack fact cards.

Fact cards.

The planets and solar system reading comprehension.

Earth sun and moon activity sheet.



Planet facts activity sheet.

Finish the solar system fact cards.

Postcard from space.

Plan and write story.

Turn it into a comic strip or a film.

Journey into space descriptive word mat.

Space story word mat.

Space story writing checklist.

Portrait lined space page borders.

Writing checklist.

Blank comic strip.

Movie filmstrip storyboard.


Other space themed fun activities.

Choose a few of these interesting activities to complete.



The solar system labelling activity sheets.

Order of the planets cut and stick activity.

Create a mnemonic for the order of the planets.


Craters on the moon experiment.

Bubbling planets experiment.


The history of rockets mini book template.


Grid references.

Space themed maths challenge cards.

Solar system code breaker.  Design a code of your own for the other planets.


Space themed mindfulness colouring pages.

The planets colouring.

Rockets colouring sheets.

Spaceship porthole.

Cardboard tube rocket.  

Split pin astronaut,

Design your own planet.

Space themed stick puppets.

Hand print and foot print Aliens.

Paper plate flying saucer.

Design your own flag.


Star snacks recipe.

Space star biscuits recipe.

Cheesy moons and planets recipe.

Fruit rockets recipe.

Blast off smoothie.

 Happy learning.




Hello everyone in Beech Class.

Beech Class Learning Letter

Here is your online home learning for this week. 


Which units do we use to measure things?

Revise reading scales.

We are going to revise measuring in cm and mm.


Complete activities to help you revise measuring in cm.

How to use a ruler.

Measure a line activity sheet.

Measure the lines.

Chocolate bar measuring activity sheet.

Estimating and measuring in cm.

More or less than 10 cm.

Cut the strips in half the lengths. 2

2 Complete the challenges.

Cut the strips in half the lengths.

Multiplying length word problems.

Multiplying length word problems Challenge.

Use some string to measure wiggly lines.

Measure wiggly lines.

Complete these activities to help you revise measuring in mm.

Estimating and measuring in mm.

Measuring in cm and mm activity sheet.

Add and subtract Measurements Work Sheet.

Complete the challenges.

Add and subtract measurements work sheets.

Compare the lengths work sheets.


Measuring in m and cm investigations.

Use a tape measure to compare body measurements.

Tape Measuring.

Use a height chart or a tape measure to see how tall you are.

Height chart.

Now measure the height of people living in your house.

Design your own recording sheet to write down the measurements.

Who is the tallest person? 

Keep a record of your own height each week. 


Find a thermometer in your house. 

What is the temperature today?

Temperature Card Matching Game

Reading Scales on a Thermometer

Can you find out what the weather is like today?

What is the temperature in London today?

Use the internet to complete the challenges, with adult help.

Temperature Work

City Temperatures

Weather Around the World.

Problem solving, puzzles and games.

2 Four in a Row Number Bonds Game

Emoji Code Breaker Number

Maths problem Solving Using Playing Cards.

Emoji Code Breaker Addition

Emoji Code Breaker Subtraction

Emoji Code Breaker Secret Message

Emoji Code Breaker

Research the Great Fire of London.  

You can explore this game to help you to understand what happened in the past in London. 

Read the information about the Great Fire of London and answer the questions in full sentences. 

Great Fire of London Reading Comprehension.

Newspaper Report Activity Card

The Great Fire of London Activity Card

Read about Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys Differentiated Fact Files

Samuel Pepys Differentiated reading comprehension

The Diary of Sally Potts

Write your own diary entry.

Great Fire of London Diary Entry Worksheet

Fire Adjectives Word Mat.

The Great Fire of London Word Mat

Use this map to show how the great fire of London spread.

The activities are at different levels, choose the level you wish to complete. 

The Great Fire of London Map 

Imagine how you would rebuild the city after the fire. 

The Great Fire of London Work 3


The London Underground.

Here is a map showing the tube lines in London. 

London Tube Map.

Complete the activities in this PDF.

Activities for London Tube Map 

 London Underground Routes

What can you find out about the history of the London Underground?

Write down three interesting facts about the London Underground. 

With adult help, Search for pictures of “People using the London Underground to shelter from bombs during World War 2.” 

Pictures of London Underground Shelters

Other Activities.

London Underground Paper Model.

London Bus Paper Model

London Phone Box Paper Model

London Skyline Mindfulness Colouring 

London Colouring 

 The Great Fire of London Addition to Fifty Colouring

Don’t forget that you can also find some great lessons to complete here.



Hi Beech Class.

Here is your home learning for this week.

Beech Class Learning Letter 09 06 20


You are going to be learning about where shapes are and how they move. This is called position and direction.

These Oak Academy  online lessons about position and direction will help you to revise this topic.


These lessons will help you to revise how to identify a right angle, so later you know what a right-angle turn is.

This lesson will help you to give directions.

This lesson will help you to understand a quarter of a shape, so you understand a quarter turn.

These lessons will help you to understand rotation or turning.

This lesson will help you to give directions for routes.

This is a recap lesson to help you to revise the whole topic.


These Oak Academy lessons will help you to revise naming angles and ordering angles.

Please complete these maths activities this week, with adult help if you need it.

Position and Direction Vocabulary.

Position and direction Maths Knowledge Organiser.

2  Position Language 

Position Worksheet


Positional Language Matching Cards

2 Angles.

​​Right Angle Finders

Right Angle Hunting

Right Angle Activity Sheet

2 Turns

Learn the turns by turning your body. 

2 Clockwise and Anti Clockwise. 

2 Coordinates

2 World Cup Coordinates

Starry Eyed Stan

Treasure Map Challenge

2 Directions

LRRH Direction 

Lovely Lines



Types of Angles

Acute and Obtuse Angles


 Recognising Turns


Following Directions


 4 World Cup Coordinates

6 World Cup Coordinates

Treasure Island

Zoo Coordinates

Coordinate Polygons


Compass Directions

Now try these multiplication revision sheets. 

Look at the activities and find your own level.  

x Table Colouring Sheets (Choose your own x table to revise. )


Colour by Multiplication (Stop if it gets too hard.)


This week we are finding out about under sea creatures. 

As part of your work this week you will choose a sea creature to describe.

These Oak Academy online lessons about describing a dragon will help you to understand how to write a description, so your sea creature description will be really good when you write it.

If you found these videos interesting and you want to describe a dragon you can!

Complete some revision work to help you with your descriptions. 


Choose which activities you would like to complete


Adjectives - Nouns

Adjectives Which Follow Nouns


Choose the adjective

Finding Adjectives

Adjectives 3

Adjectives in Sentences

Adjectives - Nouns

Identify Adjectives

Using Adjectives

Writing Adjectives


Fewer Less

Good Better

Er Est Adjectives

Comparative Adjectives

Finding out about sea creatures

Choose which reading activities you would like to work on. 

Fish Reading Comprehension

60 Second Reads. Guidance

My Scuba Diving Diary


Seashell Search

Why Is It Important to Keep Our Oceans Clean

Reading Comprehension 

Sharks Reading Comprehension


Make a Fact File

Find out more information about sea creatures online with adult help.


Fact Cards

Questions and Answers. 

Fact File. 


Diary Entry

Imagine you are diving under the sea!


Write a diary entry about diving under the waves. 


Diving Diary Prompts

My Diving Diary

Sea Creature names


Describe a Sea Creature of your choice.


Choose sea creature to describe.  


Make the description powerful like the writing about the dragon in the Oak Academy lessons. 

(Remember you can describe a dragon like the Oak Academy lesson if you want to. )


Describe a Sea Creature

Make a Paper Model of a Sea Creature







Happy learning! 




Beech Class Letter












Reading Comprehension

Compare and contrast
















Maths Multiplication







Maths Number


 Missing digit place value






Beech Class Letter







Y4 - Ex 30 - Picture Graphs





Comprehension Exercise 1 (1)

General Exercise 1

Grammar Exercise 1





Spelling Exercise 1


 Test A Day

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


2. picture-graphs


Word Problems and Puzzles









Beech Class Letter

Five minute Boredom Busters

Maths - Word Problems

Capacity Challenge Cards

Measurement-Solve-Problems-Converting-Time-Maths-Mastery-Challenge Cards

Differentiated Two Step Maths Word Problems Activity Sheet Pack

Multistep Word Problems Activity Sheet

Maths - Multiplication & Division

Number Bond

Differentiated Multiplication and Division Word Problems Activity Sheet

Football Themed 3 Times Table Mosaic

 Dividing By10 and 100 Differentiated Activity Sheets

Negative Number Puzzle Activity Sheet

Maths Addition and Subtraction

Maths Number Place and Value Workbook

Maths - Challenge

Converting Scale Measurements Into Real Life Measurements Activity Sheet

Mystery At The Springfall Carnival Maths Game

Maths - Arithmatic





Maths - Times Tables












Maths - Measure












Captain Tom Moore Reading Comprehension

 Causal Conjunctions And Adverbials Differentiated Activity Sheets

 Design A Football Strip

Ks2 Inventing New Similes Activity Sheet

Ks2 The Missing Stone Age Jewellery Spag Problem Solving Mystery Game

Writing A Spooky Setting Description Differentiated Activity Sheets



Letter To Beech Class


Week 4 Day 1

Week 4 Day 2

Week 4 Day 3

Week 4 Day 4

Week 4 Day 5

Conjunctions Powerpoint with Audio - Day 1

Conjunctions Powerpoint with Audio - Day 2

Alien Adjectives

Punctuating Simple Sentences

Simple Speech Marks

Some Any No

Using 'ly' To Make Adverbs



Week 4 Day 1

Y4 Week 4 Day 1_Teacher Powerpoint

Y4 Week 4 Day 2

Y4 Week 4 Day 3

Y4 Week 4 Day 3_Teacher Powerpoint

Y4 Week 4 Day 4

Y4 Week 4 Day 5

Write The Number In Digits

What Is The Digit Underlined Worth

Subtract 10 From A 2 Digit Number


Ordering Numbers

Number Patterns

Multiples_of_2, 5 and 10

Greater Than, Lesser Than

Double Numbers

Counting in 8's

Counting in 4's

Counting in 3's

Compare and Order

Adding 100 to a 3 Digit Number

Add 10 to a 2 Digit Number

3 Digit Partitioning

3 Digit Partitioning On Arrows



Triangular Prism 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Tetrahedron 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Pentagonal Prism 3d Shape Net Activity Sheet

Octahedron 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Octagonal Prism 3d Shape Net Activity Sheet

Icosahedron 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Hexagonal Prism 3d Shape Net Activity Sheet

Heptagonal Prism 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Dodecahedron 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Cylinder 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Cuboid 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet

Cube Net 3d Shape Net Activity Sheet

Cone 3D Shape Net Activity Sheet


Mental Maths Challenge

Mental Maths Year 4-3 



Place Value Riddles-5a

Place Value To 1 Million-1

Place Value To 3dp-1a



Quiz 1

Quiz 1 Questions and Answers

Quiz 1 Master Sheet

Quiz 1 Answer Sheet



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks



We hope this finds you all safe and well. How was your Easter? Hopefully you managed to have some rest. We are missing you all dearly but I hope to speak to you this week on the telephone.

We would like to continue to support you with your home learning tasks. I shall be sending out another home learning pack and shall be updating the website weekly. We are, of course, fully aware that you are all having to manage different challenges at this time, so please regard all the suggestions as a guide only. It is entirely up to you, how many, when, how or if you complete any tasks. Please continue with what you have been doing for your family and stick to what works best for you all. Enjoy spending your time together.

If you have been studying from home and are able to, please keep a brief record of what you have been doing, any tasks or activities you have been completing, as we would love to discuss this when we do finally go back to school (only when it is safe to do so.) You could take photos, write reports, notes, draw, diary, use video or of course worksheets or pieces of paper.

In English, we have included some daily tasks based around different stories. The focus being on different punctuation and verbs, adverbs and adjectives. It is really important in our writing to edit and improve our sentences. Using great vocabulary is another way to improve our writing so we have included a dictionary task with some interesting words. Or why not have some fun and play a game of Boggle (power point included) can you play against a family member?

In Maths, we had been working on fractions, so we would like to go over these some more. We have included a daily task, to recap previous learning on multiplication and division, as well as some more challenging resources of fractions of amount and decimals.

For more creative tasks, we have uploaded a list of possible ideas in which you can complete at home as well as an updated list of websites in which you may find useful.

We wish you all the very best, take care of yourself.

Beech class.

Useful List of Websites


Home Learning Menu Summer 1



Day 1 Literacy

Day 2 Literacy

Day 4 Literacy

Day 5 Literacy






Day 1 Maths

Day 2 Maths

Day 3 Maths

Day 4 Maths

Day 5 Maths

Add and Subtract Fractions


Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

What Part of The Fraction Is Shaded


Recognising Tenths





Printable Rainbow Certificate


2.4.2020   Hello all, I hope you are well.

As we go into another week of staying at home, the novelty may well start to be wearing off for some children (and adults!) Now, may be a good time to keep to a routine (if possible.) We understand that this is a stressful and confusing time for both the children and yourself.

If you or your child has not managed to complete any learning task, don’t worry. If you haven’t read, don’t worry. If you have tried and not been successful, don’t worry. If you haven’t taken any exercise, don’t worry. If you haven’t managed to clean, decorate or rearrange the house, don’t worry. If you have eaten unhealthily, don’t worry.

If all you have managed to do is get up, be proud of yourself.

Take each day as it comes – don’t fret over things that you don’t need to – there is enough stress in the world at the moment.

Try to be proud of what you have achieved or think of 1 positive thing a day. If you can think of more great. It doesn’t matter how small but will boost your mood if you keep doing it daily.

Below is a timetable of different activities, if they work for you, great. If not don’t worry.

If you do follow the timetable below please try to keep the activities light-hearted and as fun as possible. Try to have frequent breaks throughout the day, where you all have a bit of free time, and time just to yourself. Please don’t feel pressurised in completing the tasks in the order that they are, or at all – if you already have a routine in place, please continue to use this or use what is working for you. These are just a few ideas in case you need them or want to use them.

I have also uploaded PowerPoints to accompany the timetabled work and also worksheets ranging in ability. Please chose the sheets that your child finds easy then work towards the more challenging range. Building confidence for your child is paramount to working through these sheets. Please feel free to adapt the sheets to meet your child’s requirements or complete the tasks through practical activities where possible.

Good luck and I shall update the website as soon as possible.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Edwards and Mrs Church.

Addition Resources

2 digit add carry both columns Column method

2 digit add carry hundred Column method

2 digit add carry units to tens Column method

2 digit no carrying column method

add on a number line

adding 3 digit numbers (2 lots of carrying) Column method

adding 3 digit numbers (3 lots of carrying challenging) Column method

adding 3 digit numbers Column method

Adding on a number line

challenge-3 add on a number line

Column addition


Book Review


Good day diary entry

Menu template


speed poetry writing

Spellings Long e

Story Map Worksheet

Writing a menu







Money word problems

Tuck shop spending


3-digit by 1-digit

Grid method 1-digit by 2-digit


Mathword problems-multiplication

Multiplication word problems-2


Multiplying grid method




Column Method for Subtraction

Numberline subtraction 2

Numberline subtraction

Subtract column method

Subtract column with exchanging

Subtract using a number line

Subtracting on a number line



Telling The Time

12 and 24 Hour time


Quarter past and quarter to

Tell time minutes

Tell time to nearest minute

Telling the time - analogue and digital

Telling the time o'clock and half past

Telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes


Time word problems

What are you going to watch

 Times Tables

2xTables Tests

4xTables Tests

5xTables Tests

6xTables Tests

7xTables Tests

8xTables Tests

9xTables Tests

10xTables Tests

11xTables Tests

12xTables Tests

Mixed times tables

Topic Resources

Country factfile

Labelling each part of the plant ACTIVITY


Parts of the Plant POWERPOINT

Parts_of_a_plant poster

Plants what they need to grow POWERPOINT

Seed_Dispersal POWERPOINT

Seed_dispersal_activity sheet 1


Any tasks, resources or homework will be published below when they become available:

Letter and learning for Beech Class 

Below are additional activites which you may find helpful: 

Add money

Check your change 


Counting mixed coins 


Find the total

sentance activity

Using pounds and pence 



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