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Welcome to the online learning page for Construction.

Please find below a list of links to enable  your child to learn from home:


Hello Construction Class

The term is rapidly coming to a conclusion and I would like to wish Ben all the best for his college placement next year. I would also like to wish you all a very happy summer, keep active but most of all stay safe.

Below is a link to the Oak National Academy which is looking at budgeting and personal finance, a very important area in which you need to start to develop your skills in preparation for adulthood. Please take time to watch the video and complete the quiz.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again at the earliest and most appropriate time.

Enjoy your summer 

Mr Jenkins 



KS4 Maths



Hello Construction Class

I hope this message finds you and your families well. I trust that you have enjoyed taking part in the whole school projects to date and have taken time to look at the construction related material that Miss Harris has organised for you.

Continuing on with the subject on area;, I have include a link below to the Oak National Academy that focuses on areas and volumes. Please take time to have a look at this and complete the quiz activity.

Additionally the school website is regularly updated with a whole host of fun activities, do take time to check in here.

In the meantime please continue to keep your self safe.

Mr Jenkins 



Hello Construction class,

I hope that you are all keeping well and taking time to engage in a selection of the home learning work that has been set up for you.

Last week I sent you a link on "well being" as a part of the PHSE provision. Following on with our PHSE studies, this week I would like you to look at the link below which focuses on the implications of "online gaming".

Please do have a look at this lesson on the Oak National Academy. Also in the project folder on the website you will find a vast selection of activities to look at as part of "Well Being" week.

You will also be receiving the usual home learning pack from Miss Harris; all considered there is a good selection of activities for you to look at and enjoy.

Please stay safe!

Mr Jenkins



KS4 Maths



Hello Construction class

I do hope all of you and your are keeping well. This week the weather is forecast to be very hot indeed, please ensure that you take all appropriate precautions when going outside into the sunshine. Remember what we studied in PHSE about the harmful effects of the sun and how to minimise the risk.

Again, Miss Harris has sent out some work sheets for you to complete focusing on vocational related maths such as making purchases of materials.

I do hope that you managed to look at the link I sent you last week on social media; this is something that is very useful for all of of us to know. Please look at the link below which is also something that I feel is important. It looks at how an individual can mange stress and well being.

Please do take care and stay safe!

Mr Jenkins



Letter and Maths Work from Mrs Holman



Hello Construction class

I hope you and your families are keeping well. You will have received a work pack from Miss Harris for this week with a variety of activities looking at finances and creating right angle on a building project. I would also like you to have a look at the following lesson on the Oak National Academy by following the link below. This lesson reinforces the safe an appropriate use of social media as part of you PHSE studies.

This is something that I am sure you will find very informative and relevant. 

Keep busy!

Mr Jenkins



Hello Construction Class

I hope you are all keeping well and finding enough activities to keep you occupied. 

Please look at the link below to the Oak National Academy online learning page where you will find the schedule of lessons for the week commencing 8th June. In particular take a look at Lesson 3 Maths as this will tie in nicely with the learning we have been doing focusing on perimeters and area. In addition please also take a look at Lesson 5 PHSE, Financial Skills for Life.

Please do also have a look at the school website for a whole range of activities under the Home Learning, Additional Information. Here you will find challenges and projects to do at home among a whole host of other resources.

Best Wishes

Mr Jenkins



Hello Construction  Class, I hope you had a lovely week and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

You will have received a work pack from Miss Harris in the post focusing on areas, perimeters and calculating quantities of materials. 

Please take time to have a look through these tasks and keep all your completed work. 

Also if you refer to the school website you will find tasks and challenges for “under the sea” that Miss Holman has kindly put together for us. This is something that I’m sure you will enjoy!

Stay safe and keep busy,

Mr Jenkins



Hello Construction class 

Hope you are all keeping safe and busy. This week the school is taking part in an “around the World” challenge. Our chosen destination for KS4 is Australia; please look at the school website, projects at home link for full details of the tasks that you can do. Let’s see if we can make KS4 proud with our work! Decide on a task to do and make sure you send photos of your work into the school office. I will also be working on something with my girls with an Australian theme, so come on let’s get creative!

Meanwhile, back to Construction; we have looked at square areas to calculate brick work. What about if your customer wants a circular patio? You would need to know the length of the outline of the circle which is known as the circumference or “C”.

The circumference can be calculated by finding the diameter or “D” of the circle which is the measurement from side to side through the centre point. The measurement for “D” is then multiplied by a constant called Pi which is 3.14. Therefore the circumference C = 3.14 x D.

Find a dinner plate and measure it’s diameter in mm; multiply this measurement by 3.14. This will give you the circumference of the plate I.e. the measurement of the outline.

Take a piece of string and lay it around the outline of the plate. When the string meets cut it at this point so that both ends are touching. Lay the piece of string out in a straight line on the table. Measure the length of string and this should be the same measurement as what you have previously calculated.

Stay safe!

Mr Jenkins




Letter from Mrs Holman

Leap Year Maths EL2 and EL3

Level 1 Time Plans

 FS1 Time Questions





Week beginning 11.05.2020

Hello Construction class, I do hope that you are all well and enjoying the sunshine (remembering to use sunscreen).

Continuing on with our learning for the brick laying unit, please take a look at the following scenario.

Bill the bricklayer has to set out and build a wall which is 8 bricks long. Referring to your “standard brick lengths” chart in your packs, how long should his wall be?

If Bill takes delivery of his bricks and they on average measure 213mm in length, what should Bill do when laying the bricks to ensure he achieves the correct length for 8 bricks?

If Bill measured the bricks and they were 217mm in length, what would he then need to do when laying the bricks to achieve the correct length for 8 bricks?

Bill also had to build a wall 10m long by 2m high. What would be the square area of the wall? Remember to use the correct unit of measurement.

For the wall measuring 10m x 2m, remembering that 60 bricks are required per square metre, how many bricks would Bill need order? 

To allow for any damaged bricks Bill added 10% to the total of bricks ordered. How many bricks did Bill order? 

Set out you work neatly recording all answers showing any working out. Keep your work safely in your packs for me to look at when I see you next.

Stay safe!

Mr Jenkins


Week commencing 04/05/2020

Hello Construction class, I hope you and your families are keeping well. Here is a bricklaying task for you to look at to support your BTEC Unit.

We have been learning the size of a standard house brick;

Height- 65mm

Length - 215mm

Width - 102.5mm

When we lay our bricks we look to achieve a 10mm mortar joint.

What would be the height of walls built:-

2 courses high

4 courses high

7 courses high

If you think back to when we was in class, we made “gauge rods”. Gauge is the term used for referring to the height of our wall. We aim to build the wall to gauge where each course of brick and mortar joint measures 75mm. 

Can you make your own gauge rod by using a piece of old wall paper or joining several sheets of paper together to a length of around 1m?

On your piece of paper, using a ruler and pencil mark out 75mm intervals going up the sheet. These markings will represent our brick courses. 

Count up 10 courses and use a tape measure to check the measurement. Record your answer; does this match with the expected measurement for a wall built 10 courses high?

(Safety tip: do not let a tape measure retract uncontrolled).

Remember, measurements for brickwork are always in mm.


Mr Jenkins



Hi All

I hope you are all well and happy. The project bellow will take at least 10 hours and it will be evidence of 1 unit for your Beliefs and Values course. I will give you some research and hope you all have access to the internet. We will cover your inspirational persons religious beliefs when you return to school.  If not please let school know and I will collect some extra resources for you.

  1. Research or read my research about the people below. Choose your favourite and do the work below. When we return to school we will make a group art piece about these people.
  2. Create a project on one of the following Inspirational people.
  • Martin Luther King
  • Rosa Parks
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Malala
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Gandhi
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mother Teresa

Your project should include a little of:

  • Their life stories
  • What they did?
  • Why they did it? Was there any events in their life that made them do what they did?
  • Why they inspire you?

Good luck. If you have any problems, ask your parents/carers to contact school and I will call you.

Good luck

Mrs Nehra

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Jr Knowledge Organiser

Rosa Parks

My Hero Malala Yousafzai Differentiated Factfile

Harriet Tubman Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Mother Teresa 2015



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks


Hello Construction class.

I hope that you and your families are all keeping well. Following on from the task you were set last week, please have a look at the task linked below which is in preparation for the brick work unit of your BTEC qualification. Keep all your work so that we can go through it on our return to school. 

Thank you

Mr Jenkins

Constuction Mini-Project



Printable Rainbow Certificate

Good morning Construction Class,

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and are keeping well. In addition to your work packs, please check in with the school website as I will be adding short tasks for you to look at. Keep all your work in your folders so we can go through it on your return to school.

Week beginning Monday 20/04/2020

Bill wants to lay a lawn in his back garden. He needs to calculate the area of the garden so that he can place his order for turfs. The garden measures 9.5m by 4.4m, what is the square area of the garden? Record your answer using the correct unit of measurement.

To stop his family and friends walking on the newly laid turf Bill is going to put a rope around the perimeter of the garden. How long does the rope need to be?

Bill wants to place some stepping stones in the lawn. He needs to cut some stone paving slabs using a mains powered angle grinder. The nearest plug socket is in the house so Bill will need to run an extension cable down the garden. 

Write a basic risk assessment for this task using the following headings:-

  • Task
  • Risk of injury 
  • Who is at risk
  • Reducing the risk (what can be put in place)

Remember it is not just Bill who is at risk, think of his family members.

Keep checking in, I will be back soon.

Mr Jenkins


Week beginning 01.04.2020

Before school closed we spoke about your brick laying assessment task. You are to build a wall seven bricks long and five bricks high. Remembering the size of a brick and mortar joint sizes (refer to your home learning packs), can you work out how long and how high the wall should be? Get a tape measure and a piece of chalk or use a marker to set out the length of the wall in your garden. Ask for help to hold one end of the tape measure. Remember, the unit of measurement is millimetres and a joint is 10mm.

Week beginning 23.3.2020

Please look through your learning packs which cover maths, English and a good selection of construction activities. Please look at the brick work tasks as we will be working on the bricklaying unit on our return. Important, learn the size of a common house brick! Please also refer to the following links for other areas of work:

Activity sheet sun safety design PSE

Asdan English Unit 6

Crest template creative English

Diagon Alley Harry Potter

Resource 6 - Diagon Alley Harry Potter

Healthy Relationships RSE

PSE Food - how healthy is my diet?

Stewardship RS

Further resources added week beginning 30.3.2020: 

Harry Potter - new resources 30.03.2020

Harry Potter - wizarding money 30.03.2020


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