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Welcome to the online learning page for Independent Living.


Hi class! Over the past few months you have done lots of different lessons for your home learning. These have ranged from: managing your emotions to helping around the house to writing your own schedules.  Now we have come to the summer holidays we really want you to have a nice rest!  Below are links to some fun lessons you can do if you are feeling a bit bored over the summer months.

Exploring Fruit and Vegetables Using Games

Making a Healthy Smoothie 

Using a Washing Machine

How To Wash Up

Sorting Shopping with Role Play

Making a Sandwich ... With Singing!

Making the Bed

Turn Taking with Sensory Elements

You do not have to complete all these lessons, they are just here in case you want something to do.  Remember, the summer holidays can feel a bit unstructured sometimes so you might want to recap the lesson: Writing a Visual Schedule for yourself.  You could use the lesson Keeping Active to make sure your schedule is full of healthy activities for your body and mind.

Don’t forget to ask an adult for help if you need it or if the video is telling you to talk to someone or work together.  Some of the lessons might need an adult to prepare some simple resources beforehand so ask the adult to watch the video first.

We hope you and your families have an enjoyable summer holiday and that you get lots of rest and are excited about coming back to school in September to see all your friends and teachers.

Take care and stay safe!

Ms Langridge and Mrs Cranmer



KS4 Maths



Hi class! We have been thinking about you and hoping that you are all getting on well and enjoying your home learning.  We know for some people this can be a difficult time which is why we have spent the last few weeks working on regulating and managing our emotions.   If you haven’t had a chance to do the lessons yet you can find them using the links below:

Managing Our Emotions

Checking In and Reaching Out

Observing and Managing our Feelings

This is the last week we will be exploring emotions so in this week's lesson we will work on good health for our mind and body.

Some resources you will need are:

  • Paper.
  • Pen.

Click on the link below to start your independent living lesson:

Planning for Good Health

We hope this lesson helps you find a healthy balance and gives you some ideas on how to look after your mental well being.  If you want to make the lesson harder why not make a weekly planner using the skills we learnt when we created our morning and weekly routines last month.  You could even start your own food diary!

Take care and stay safe!

Ms Langridge and Mrs Cranmer



Hi everyone! We hope you had fun participating in some of the lessons from Science week and that you’re all well and enjoying time with your families.  However, we know for some of you this can be a difficult time with lots of different emotions.  That's why over the last two weeks we’ve looked at managing our emotions.  If you haven’t had a chance to do the lessons yet you can find them using the links below:

Managing Our Emotions Lesson

Checking In and Reaching Out

We will follow on from these lessons now by applying our learning.  You will need to do this lesson with an adult.

This week's lesson will help us observe and identify our emotions.

Some resources you will need are:

  • Paper.
  • Pens - maybe you could use different colours?
  • A stapler if possible.
  • You could also use a mirror when discussing how you look for different emotions.

Click on the link below to start your independent living lesson:

Observing and Managing our Feelings

We hope this lesson helps you manage any emotions you may be feeling and that it gives you some time with an adult to discuss your emotions.  Maybe start to think about how you are going to communicate to others when you start feeling a certain way.

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Cranmer and Ms Langridge



KS4 Maths



Home Learning Letter



Home Learning Letter



Letter and Maths Work from Mrs Holman



Hi everyone! We hope you enjoyed last week's video lesson on writing your own morning schedule.  If you didn’t get an opportunity to complete it you can find it using this link:

This week's lesson is to write a healthy weekly schedule.

You will be applying the skills you learnt in last week’s lesson.

Some resources you will need are:

  • Paper.
  • A pen.
  • And why not see if you can get some post-it notes to help you when you write your full weekly timetable.

Click on the link below to start your independent living lesson:

We hope you enjoy thinking of some healthy activities to fit into your week.  If it works well why not add timings to your schedule or give yourself a time limit for some of your activities that aren’t so healthy or that you don’t enjoy as much - this way you’ll know when they’ll be finished.

Take care and stay safe!

Ms Langridge and Mrs Cranmer



Hi everyone! We hope you had a fantastic half term.  It was lovely to catch up with you all after the short break during our phone calls home.

Your home learning this week is to write a morning schedule.

Some resources you will need are:

  • Paper (post-it notes work best.)
  • A pen.
  • Colouring pencils.
  • An adult to work with.
  • You might also want to find some old magazines which you can cut up.

Click on the link below to start your independent living lesson:

We hope you enjoy structuring your morning.  If it works well why not repeat the activity for the afternoon and/or evening.  You could create a weekly timetable or use this activity to plan and understand your day with an adult if it’s going to be different to your usual day.

Take care and stay safe!

Ms Langridge and Mrs Cranmer



We hope you are well. It’s been really lovely seeing so many photos of the lovely activities you have been doing at home. Please continue to email photos into Woodside as they email them all to us to see.

This week:

Think about your favourite shop.

  • Why is it your favourite?
  • What is the best thing they sell?
  • Where is this shop?
  • If you had £50, what would you buy in this shop?

Present this information in any way you choose.

You may like to write about the shop, make your own version of the shop or make a poster.

Take care,

Mrs Cranmer and Ms Langridge




Letter from Mrs Holman

Leap Year Maths EL2 and EL3

Level 1 Time Plans

 FS1 Time Questions






Hi everyone, 

I hope you are well. It's been lovely to talk with lots of you over the past few weeks and hear all the lovely things you are doing. 

Here is another activity for you to do which fits in with our BTEC Unit. Please take a photo if you can. 

(3.1) Show that they can use local shops.

  • · Set up a shop at home. You could use food out of the cupboards to create a supermarket or pick some toys to create a toy shop. Why not make a clothes shop by taking some bits out of your wardrobe. You could even make shop signs and price labels!
  • · With an adult discuss the different stages of shopping. Then act it out. You could take it in turns with the adult to be the customer and shop worker. Think about where you would put the items before and after paying for them. How you would pay. What you might say to a shop assistant if you don’t know where an item is or what the price is.
  • · Imagine you can only pick three items – what ones would you pick and why? Talk about this with your adult. Adults can make it harder by giving the child points to think about: You can only pick 3 items of clothing and it has to be for a summer holiday – would a woolly jumper be appropriate?


For more challenge:

*Get an adult to price items and give you a budget – can you work within this budget?

* Can you work out what coins to pay with so you use the least amount of coins available?

* Can you work out how much change you would get?

* Can you write a shopping list for your favourite meal?


Mrs Cranmer and Miss Langridge



Dear All

I hope you are all well. I have attached for you some fun work to do for Ramadan and your ASDAN unit for Religious Studies.

I hope you find them fun. There are lots of art projects to do. If you need any help, please ask your adults to contact school and I will call you.


Mrs Nehra

And Mrs Sullivan who found these lovely Art projects for you to do.

What Happens During Ramadan Activity Sheet

Eid Moon And Stars Mobile Decoration Paper Craft

Ramdan lattern

Sadaqah Jar



Harry Potter Activities



 KS4 Creative English Home Learning Pack - (The below activites have also been sent out via the post to students) 


Comic Book Strip Template



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks



Hi everyone, we hope you are well.
Here is an activity that fits in really well with our BTEC Unit:

(1.1)Recognise aspects of their relationship as an individual to the community/ies to which they belong.

· Write the name of someone in your class and draw a picture of them.
· Draw something that you would like to do with this person outside of school. (e.g. go to the cinema.)
· List ways in which you would do this responsibly and explain how you would act appropriately and respectfully.



Printable Rainbow Certificate

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Updated 21.04.2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather we have been having.

Here is an activity you can do at home which links with our topic on the community. You can do a different poster/piece of work for different leisure places if you want to.

leisure activity

leisure key words


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