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Welcome to the online learning page for Oak.

Any tasks, resources or homework will be published below when they become available:


Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope you have all had a wonderful week.

This week’s theme at Woodside Academy is Wellbeing Week. Our pupils have endured many unexpected changes and many feel as though they have missed out on so much. It may be very difficult for the children to voice their concerns or questions they have which can leave them with many different negative emotions. Within the Key Stage 3 Wellbeing pack there are activities to help discover what can help your child feel happy, healthy and calm. 

One idea is to make a happiness box, this can be decorated by your child then filled.  The box can contain objects that remind them of a happy time, photos of people that make them happy or items that they can use for an activity to help them feel happy, like their favourite DVD. 

There are many more ideas within the pack which can be found via this link:

You may like to take photos and to share your child’s successes with us. Photos will be gratefully appreciated, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please state in the email if you are happy for these to be shared through social media and in the school newsletter.


This weeks’ National Oak Academy maths lesson are taught by Woodside teacher Ms Hookway:


I hope your child is still enjoying the Jack and the Beanstalk story packs, the final 4 parts were delivered in the homework pack last week.  I am really pleased with the positive responses to this work so far.  When all the parts of the story are complete, your child may like to do  a book review using the following template. 

Book Review

Woodside Virtual Tour is now available to view online, it was kindly produced by volunteers last week. If your child is missing school it might be nice for them to take the virtual tour via YouTube.  See if your child can spot any of their friends or the new additions we have made around the school.

I look forward to our telephone calls this week. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help support you and your child.

Take care, 

Miss Yasmin 



Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this good weather we are having is helping to lift spirits and encouraging quality time spent outdoors.

This week is Science week at Woodside Academy. We have put together a wonderful array of activities to do at home including lots of outdoor learning ideas and activities around the theme ‘Carnival’.  Science week activities can be found here:

Please explore the activities in both the KS3 and Primary packs. In the primary pack there is more focus on planting, growing and insects which we hope spark enthusiasm for the children. I am sure there are many activities you’ll love to try with your children from either pack.  As always, please can I encourage you to take photos and to share your child’s successes with us. Photos will be gratefully appreciated, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please state in the email in you are happy for these to be shared through social media and in the school newsletter.


Please find below a maths activity which links to the carnival theme with adding amounts of money that could be spent at the funfair. There are two versions; the first uses number bonds to 20 and the second has addition with pounds and pence. 

Adding Money Funfair Up To 20p

Adding Money Funfair Pounds and Pence



In addition to the Jack and the Beanstalk homework, which I hope pupils are working their way through, I have prepared a comprehension activity from a Bernard Bear clip on YouTube.  This is similar to an activity we enjoyed in class so your child will be familiar with the cartoon and activity.  After watching and talking about the video clip, pupils should then look at the images and describe what is happening in that part of the clip. There is a work bank provided to help them compose sentences. (beginning to 3 minutes 14 seconds)

Bernard Bear at the funfair picture descriptions

I look forward to our telephone calls this week. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help support you and your child.

Take care,

Miss Yasmin



Dear Parents and Carers, 

Thank you for your time to speak with me on the phone last week, I very much enjoy talking with you and sharing in the successes your children have had. 

I believe each pupil has now received their new homework pack. I hope, if you have begun to work through it, your child has been enjoying the work I have set. Please let me know this week during our call if there is anything you would like further of me and I will arrange it to be sent home. 

There are links below for The Oak National Academy lessons that you may find useful and your child may find enjoyable. You are able to explore the site to find additional lessons that best suit your child, there may be lessons that can be used to support the completion of the worksheets I sent home in the latest pack. Please use your own judgment in finding the best fit for you and your child.  





Please do let me know if you are accessing the Oak Academy lessons with your child, any feedback would be kindly appreciated.

Kind regards - stay safe, 

Miss Yasmin 




Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope you and your families are well, thank you once again for your time to talk to me over the phone last week. Some of you have requested new homework packs, these new packs will be sent home this week. Thank you for your patience. As always, please do get in touch if there is anything I can do to further support your child and I will do all I can to help.

The Oak National Academy is continuously updated with new classes and daily plans, please take some time to explore the website and lessons that are available for your child. There are lessons for all levels including a specialist curriculum. 

This link is to specialist lessons about eco-awareness where pupils can learn about the planet and why recycling is important.

The above link can be worked through alongside our theme week of ‘Under the Sea’. Follow the link below to find many KS3 activities to complete at home, including maths activities and new under the sea themed recipes.

I look forward to speaking with you on the phone this week.

Kind regards - stay safe, 

Miss Yasmin 



Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope you all managed to enjoy the half term break and soak up the glorious weather we have had.  I look forward to our phone calls this week and hearing about the lovely things you have all been doing.  

I would like, once again, to bring your attention to the Oak National Academy. This is a great resource for online learning and specialist lessons designed for all levels and abilities. There are ‘classrooms’ where varied activities are scheduled daily with interactive ideas for learning.
There is also an ‘Activities Club’ page where you can find resources from art and crafts ideas to outdoor exploration, with content provided from the Scouting Association. 

Further information about the Oak National Academy can be found on the ‘Home  Learning’ page of the school website. 

I have provided the following links as a starting point for lessons, once your child has completed them you will better be able to judge what lessons they move to next, taking into account how they have done:



I am in the process of making new work packs that will be sent home soon to support your child’s homeschooling if they are not attending school.  As always, if there is anything I can do to further support you or your child during this time, please let me know and I will do my utmost to help.

Kind regards, 

Miss Yasmin 




Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you and your families are well. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is Kindness. Below are links to information and activities to do with your children:

My calls to you all this week will be our Parent Consultation Meetings which will be held via phone at the agreed times on Thursday 21st May 2020. If there are any issues or you need to change the appointment time please contact the school office and we will do what we can to help.  

This week is the start of our weekly theme ‘Around the world, whilst we stay at home’.  Our first destination around the world is the USA, you can find links to activities and tasks on the right hand side by clicking on Projects to do at home > KS3 theme week USA.

I have also created a comprehension sheet about Independence Day in addition to the KS3 resources. Pupils are to read through the information on the first page and answer the questions found on page 2. 

 Independence day.pdf


Woodside Academy have continued to support the Oak National Academy online with new lessons added:

BBC Bitesize, daily lessons across all subjects on top of their original database of resources.

I look forward to speaking to you all this week, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help support you during this time.  

Stay home, stay safe and have fun!

Kindest regards,

Miss Yasmin



Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you and your families are well and you enjoyed celebrating the bank holiday weekend in honour of VE day. 

During my calls this week I will be arranging a time for our Parent Consultation Meetings which will be held via phone on Thursday 21st May 2020. If there are any issues please let me know so I can do all I can to find a solution.  

Below are the links to educational activities for this week. From discussions with you all,  I know that many of you are all still working through the homework packs I have sent out previously, so it is not as long as previous weeks have been. I have attempted to focus on different ways that we can encourage writing at home, with templates to guide pupils writing and structure. In mathematics I have uploaded some ‘time’ and ‘money’ activities.  There are also some new links for recipe sites for inspiration as I know lots of you are enjoying time in the kitchen with your children.  

From next week, we will be having our focus each week based on the theme ‘Around the world, whilst we stay at home’.  Our first destination around the world will be America, with activities and tasks that can be found in a project folder on the home learning page of the school website. 


Woodside Academy have been asked to plan and deliver lessons in the new Oak National Academy online. The maths lessons are taught by some familiar faces, and the work spans topics in 2D and 3D shapes.

Telling the time game

BBC Bitesize are posting daily lessons across all subjects on top of their original database of resources.

There is an ‘adding money’ worksheet where pupils can use real money to find the total of two items. As pupils are adding money they should be encouraged to write a p after the total.

The adding money worksheet can be found below. 


I have developed some resources to help encourage writing at home. First is a shopping list so  pupils can make their own list to bring to the shops. While out, encourage them to find the items in the shop, you can ask what’s next on the list and pupils can practise life skills like paying for the shopping and packing the shopping.  

There is a book review template, after pupils have read a book and they have become familiar with it, they can answer the questions. 

Also I have made a template for pupils to write their memories (recount) of an event or activity, this could be describing how they prepared a meal or, now we have a little bit more freedom, an account of a day out to the woods or park. Pupils are encouraged to sequence the event using time connectives, for example first, next and after. 

The shopping list, book review and recount templates can be accessed below.   


The recount sheet can be used for pupils to write up what they have done to make their meal.

Recipes designed for children 


I look forward to speaking to you all this week, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help support you during this time.  

Stay home, stay safe and have fun!

Kindest regards,

Miss Yasmin 

Adding Money Worksheet

Book Review

Days of The Week

Recount Template

Shopping List



Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your time to speak with me on the phone. It is the highlight of my week to hear about the variety of lovely things the children are doing from daily cooking challenges to counting ducks in the park. It has been great to see so many happy smiling faces in the photos being sent through too.  Can I continue to encourage you to send any pictures of your children to the school office so that we can see their activities and please do check out our website & social media so that your child can see the other children during this period.

There is a new pack of worksheets being sent home from the office this week; I hope these, along with the links, will be useful to support you in providing a variety of activities. 

Please take some time to look through the additional information folders that are available on the school website listed under the class folders.  There are so many interesting resources for all abilities and interests. 

Remember stay home and stay safe.

Kindest regards, 

Miss Yasmin


Letter Template




John Lewis are running a competition in honour of our incredible carers at the NHS, they are asking for designs of superhero-themed bears.  The competition ends on the 8th May. The winning bear will be will be produced and sold for charity in Waitrose and John Lewis.

VE day website has free colouring pages that can be printed and put into windows to celebrate VE day’s 75th anniversary.

Weekly art challenges, once registered resources will be sent to you.


The literacy Shed provides activity packs that run along side short videos. Pupils can watch the videos and there is a pack with ideas of questions and related activities. Not all will be suitable for all children but it can be used as a good starting point for questioning.

Top Marks literacy games.  There are lots of games on this site that pupils can play with little supervision. There are games for spelling, filling missing words, ordering words alphabetically and many more.  If you found your child enjoys the Top Marks maths games this could be good one to try to support with English.

Phonics games, the children are familiar with many of these and some of them are free without subscription.

Writing a letter

This would be a good opportunity for extended writing and I’m sure family would love to receive post and read about the lovely things the young people have been doing.   There is a PDF letter template to support pupils write the letter (posted at the end of this list).  The first page will help with letter writing ideas and the second page has ideas for filling the gaps. The coloured frames match up to aid ideas but feel free to encourage pupils to think of personal responses.


This site is a lot like the Top Marks maths link in my previous update, there are lots of games to try.

This blog contains simple hands-on games to play that improve your children's understanding of math concepts. I particularly like the loom bands a lolly stick idea as an independent task.

This site run by a maths charity, have many ideas for home learning and activities you can try.

Listening Activities

Sound adventure podcasts.  Close your eyes, listen and copy sounds from around the world.


BBC Good Food and Tesco have a section on their websites of recipes designed for children. After you have prepared your dish, your child could write what they cooked, the ingredients they used and give an opinion on the dish.


A game designed to help children become familiar and improve keyboard skills.

Live Links In Zoos and Wildlife Centres

Sandiego Zoo are running live cameras so you can see penguins, elephants, pandas, polar bears and many more animals.

Chester Zoo have live days with a timetable for different animals. They also have videos uploaded from previous days.

Live camera in Montery Bay Aquarium – these are wonderfully relaxing to watch!

Explaining Corona Virus

Playmobil have produced a couple of films explaining the virus and why we are staying home.  The robot talks quite fast, it could be an idea to reduce the playback speed in the settings to 0.75.

The NAS has collected a series of useful resources that autistic people and their families can use during this time of changes. There is a lot of information and support on the site for you and your child. 



Seeing Other People Wearing Masks


Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been very nice to speak with you all on the phone and hear about all the lovely things you have been doing.  I will be continuing to call you all over the coming days and look forward to hearing more updates.

If there is anything else I can do to actively support you in these extraordiary times, please feel free to discuss with me during our next call and I shall do my utmost to help in any way that I can.

Please remember to send and share any photos of your children participating in activities with the office, so we can stay connected even when we are apart. 

Stay home and stay safe,

Miss Yasmin



Useful Symbols


Printable Rainbow Certificate


Updated 21.04.2020

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope you managed to enjoy the Easter break and your children have become used to the strange changes that have happened lately. I can imagine the disruption to routine and structure must have been difficult to cope with for the whole family. It has been lovely speaking to you all over the past couple of days and to hear how well the children have been doing.

I understand that printing worksheets may not be possible so I have been thinking about different activities that can be done at home, in the garden or on your daily walks. With help from Mrs Searle I have put together links for websites we thought were useful and interesting along with fun activities to try.

I’m sure you’ve seen the rainbow trail supporting the NHS and key workers displayed in windows, this is a nice activity to do if you have not done so already. Also there is a teddy bear hunt where children have been putting teddies in their windows so children can go on a bear hunt and count the bears they find. There are also other bear hunt activities to do on the website.



As well as a daily walk there are many YouTube channels that are encouraging families to join in with different exercises.

Five a day, quick exercise session popular with oak class.

Cosmic yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed for children. You may like to slow the speed in the settings so it is easier to follow.

P.E with Joe Wicks, daily P.E sessions for children

Just dance videos on YouTube, this link is for Ghostbusters but there are many more to choose from. 



I suggest whilst reading, pause to ask questions or to see if your child can guess what might happen next. Focus on who, where and what questions. Also questioning youir child once story is finished e.g. Who was the main character? Where did they go? Who did X meet? What did X find? What did X do? You may like to ask if your child can identify how the character is feeling and why.

Live storytelling throughout the day. 

Audible has free audio books to listen to, no registration needed.

David Walliams has a free audio book every day at 11am

YouTube stories; class favourites include Nuaghty Bus, Room on a Broom, Snail and the Whale, Burger Boy, Gingerbread Man and Oi Frog.  


Sensory Activities 

How to make playdough.

Water play ideas


Handwriting practice

This activity can be simplified by using a takeaway container with anything you have at home like salt, sand, rice or flour. It could be an independent activity or if your child is learning letter formations it would be nice for you to demonstrate how to form the letter then the child can copy and repeat.!)

Wet, Dry, Try can be a fun way to help children learn letter formations based on “Handwriting without tears” more information and resources and be found here: 


Garden activities

Garden treasure hunt, children count or match objects they can find around the garden. 


Number Activities 

Counting and Tally Charts

While out on your daily walk choose objects and animals to count e.g. ducks, dogs, birds, cars, busses etc.  Discuss the walk, ask questions like how many busses did you see? What did you see the most? What did you see the least?

Plastic Bottle Skittles

The idea can be simplified when making the game at home from the example in the link. Child to take turns to play. Children count how many skittles they have knocked down, ask how many more they need to knock over to get them all down, who has more or less?

Measure Nature

Children collect natural objects, for example leaves and twigs, the idea is to compare the size and length and order them longest to shortest or biggest to smallest.

Maths Factor

Free to use once registered, created by Carol Vorderman. There are lessons and games covering numerous topics. Explore activities around a year 1 level.

Topmarks Maths

Online interactive maths games. 


Virtual Museum Tours 

Walk through the Natural History Museum London

Webcams and live streams from London Zoo

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in America has an excellent online tour and exhibits.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has a ‘museum at home’ sharing DIY science experiments and dinosaur themed fun.


I hope you find these links and ideas useful. Feel free to dip in and out of other class folders to find further ideas and activities. 

Remember stay home and stay safe,

Kindest regards, 

Miss Yasmin 

2D Shape Chick Cutting Skills 

Counting money up to 20p

Easter Holiday Snapshots Writing Frame

Counting and ordering numbers to 20

High Frequency Word Cards

J Sound colouring

Letter Formation 2a

Letter Formation 2b

Letter Formation 2c

Match 1ps to amounts

Maths Challenge day 2 

Number Formation day 2

One more and one less maths mastery game

Ordering coins

Safari Themed Challenge Cards

Science learning from home

Snakes and Ladders

Sorting and Matching 

Counting Puzzle

Find the one that is different

Missing numbers to 30 

Butterfly subtraction puzzle



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