Woodside Academy  caters for pupils aged 5 – 19 years whose primary need is autism. The majority of our pupils also have some learning difficulties and could be described as functioning in the moderate learning difficulties range. We are keen to ensure that all our pupils have a peer group that they can relate to and can socialise with and that we have a bespoke curriculum which is tailored to meet our pupils’ very specific needs.

Pupils with a diagnosis of autism cover a wide spectrum in terms of their social and learning needs. The provision at Woodside complements the other provision that is available within the London Borough of Bexley. This includes Resourced Provisions attached to mainstream schools and other specialist settings. At Woodside we recognise that every pupil is an individual and at times a pupil’s social needs takes precedence over their learning needs and vice versa. We will therefore always look at each referral made to us on an individual basis. We want every young person to be successful and settled in school and that is why at times our admissions criteria can seem restrictive. We pay great attention to the views of parents and carers, where possible the pupil themselves and the advice provided by professionals who know and have assessed the level of need. We welcome visitors to the school and recommend that parents and carers come and visit us. The local authority is responsible for making decisions around admission to the school but we will always be honest and will say if we are not the right provision for any individual.

Information about the Local Authority's SEN admissions can be found here: