Adverse Weather


Bexley School's Open Check website is used by Bexley Council so that schools can report their decision to close to a central source and therefore parents/carers are informed of a school closure as soon as a decision has been made. 

Should we have extreme weather conditions and Woodside Academy  is forced to close, this information is reported immediately to this website so that parents/carers are kept fully informed. 

To access this website, please click on the link below and it will connect you to an LGFL site.  Select "Bexley" from the drop down menu and then "Woodside" from the second menu.  You will then see a message confirming if the School is open or closed.

If you have children at other schools, you can also check their opening status by changing the school name and, if applicable, some other Boroughs.  

Please ensure that you refresh the menu at the bottom of the page to ensure you always have the current status.

We will also keep you informed on our website ‘News’, Twitter and via ParentMail

@woodsidesch - Twitter