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Students have a baseline assessment using PIVATs 5 (Performance Indicators for Valued Assessment and Targeted Learning) for reading, writing, and number.

From the baseline assessment achievable targets in reading, writing and number were set for each pupil.

Progress towards these targets is discussed with parents/carers at parents’/carers’ evening and in the individual pupils’ end of year reports.

These targets are displayed either in the pupil’s book or on the classroom wall, referred to when marking the pupil's work. Achievement towards these targets is monitored and discussed with each pupil.

Staff use a wide range of formative assessment to track pupils’ progress. This is formally carried out on a termly basis.

In January 2017 the pupils were baselined using PIVATs 5 ‘Shape, Space & Measure’ and the four PSED elements:

  1. Social Awareness and Relationships,
  2. Personal Independence and Self Help
  3. Emotional Aspects and
  4. Behaviour for Learning.

In November 2017 the students were baselined using PIVATs 5 ‘Using and Applying, Speaking and Listening’.

The data produced from these assessments are shared with parents through Parents’/Carers’ Evenings, School Reports and also at the Annual Review meeting.

Pupils in Year 1 will not take the Phonics Screening Check if they:

  • have no understanding of the grapheme-phoneme correspondences, or
  • are unable to participate even when using suitable access arrangements.

Pupils will not take the KS1 or KS2 SATs if they:

  • have not completed the KS1 or KS2 programme of study, or
  • are working below the overall standard of the KS1 or KS2 tests, or,
  • are unable to participate even when using suitable access arrangements.

At Woodside, students in Key Stage 4 and Post 16 have the opportunity to experience a range of subjects in order to develop their strengths and build on areas of development. Some subjects may be studied to accreditation level:

  • Entry 1, 2 and 3 qualifications meet the needs of learners working below GCSE level.
  • Levels 1 and 2 qualifications are comparable to GCSE levels.

At Woodside, students in Key Stage 4 and Post 16 also have the opportunity to experience BTEC Entry and Level 1 Introductory qualifications which offer a broad introduction to a vocational subject or sector, forming the basis for further study. They are designed for those who are not able to achieve at GCSE equivalent level, but are motivated by a work-related course.

Please find below PIVATs 5 Learning Level descriptors.

Our latest school data according to the Department for Education can be seen here. One aspect of the school's data is identified as 'Progress Scores'. The special educational needs of the children at the school do not easily allow comparisons to be made with mainstream schools. Please contact the school for further information.

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