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Get excited for lots of fun learning next week, as we launch our theme weeks.



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Science bANNER


Carnival Science Week 2020

 Amusement parks may not be possible this summer, but we've got fun science activities you can line up for a whole week's worth of carnival-inspired STEM!

From amusement park games to roller-coaster-inspired builds and even some fun with making cotton candy without a machine, we are providing you with a number of exciting ways to explore carnival-themed science. With each of these ideas, you can design or build something awesome that can be used as part of a homemade amusement park! (Don't forget to design some fun tickets and banners for your role play, too!).  

  Now for those plant and animal lovers, how about outdoor Science in the garden or local park where you can have fun exploring nature, whether it is Mini-beast hunting or rock painting, we have it all covered so no one is left out!


We all hope you enjoy the different tasks. Have fun and remember to share those photos at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the Woodside twitter page.

Carnival Science


Primary Science



  1. KS4 & 5
  2. KS4 & 5
  3. KS4 & 5
  4. KS4 & 5



under the banner

Under The Sea

Buttercup Under the sea

Primary Under the sea

Ks3 Under the sea

Ks4 Under the sea

Post 16 Under the sea


Around the world



 Buttercup Africa tasks

Primary Phase UK project

KS3 Theme week USA

KS4 Australia project

-Additional Australia Project Information

Post 16 Russia project final



 Projects to do at home, updated 03.04.2020

Art Appreciation

Construction Work

Newspaper Reporter

Weather Watch


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