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Many museums and art galleries have ‘opened’ up. You can explore them and ‘walk’ around to look at the exhibits. Lots have also provided lessons, videos and activities for children and families to take part in.

Museums include the Natural History Museum - plenty of dinosaurs!

The art galleries have lots of information and ideas, showing a really wide range - old masters to street art in Delhi.

You can ‘visit’ famous landmarks and sports grounds around the world.

It is a vast site, so have a good look around. See what unusual things you can find.

Click here to visit the site.

This site is a treasure trove of thousands of ideas and activities, games and ideas. It usually costs to access, but they have kindly made it free for everyone.

Please remember to choose tasks which will help your child to achieve their own targets- do not follow the age guidance on the website, as your child may well be working at a different level.

It is much more useful for you and your child to consolidate what they already know and then take small steps forward. In school, we make sure children are really secure and confident before we move on to the next steps.


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