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NHS information on 12-15 year olds Covid Vaccination centres in South East London  - Please open link here to access information

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Friday 20th March

The school is closed today.

We will be contacting parents and carers today so that we can plan to open next week for the children of critical workers and vulnerable children.

Every child who can safely be cared for at home should be.

This is an offer to parents and carers and there is no requirement for you to send your children to schools if you do not need or wish to.

Please continue to check the school website and/or parentmail for further updates.

  1. Do the Daily Mile each day as most of your students do in school.  This does not have to be a full mile but as far as your child can walk in 15 minutes.  This can be done on your permitted daily exercise outing or around the garden or house.
  2. Plan a walk.  Look at a local map and plan to walk to various places involving your student in the planning.
  3. There is a yoga app called Down dog or Yoga for Beginners which are currently free to dowload until April 1st.
  4. There are countless short fitness programmes on Youtube.  Just a few are: 5 minute moves, Brain break, Kids Workout 1 Beginners.  If you haven't used Youtube before, just type 'indoor exercise for schools or children into the search box.'  Please supervise any Youtube use carefully.  Or check out Bexley School Games on Twitter @BexSchGames for Daily updates.
  5. Free indoor games such as Simon Says, hide and seek, jumping jacks
  6. Create a mini fitness circuit.  Try to rotate between arms, legs and stomach.  For example:  press ups, star jumps, sit ups
  7. Organise a dance competition or get your children to either dance to music you put on or to make up a dance to a song.  You can join in! 
  8. Make an obstacle course around the house.  Crawling under chairs, jumping over pillows.....
  9. A treasure hunt around the house, who can find the treasure in the shortest amount of time.

Tips to stay safe and healthy

Please find attached information to share with your children at home.

Dear parents and carers 

Unfortunately due to the current Government advice on Covid-19 we have to postpone all parent/carer events. 
please do contact the school office if you have any concerns on 01322 350123

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