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Our curriculum enables the children and young people to develop academic and lifelong learning skills which empower and engage them to drive forwards into employment or future study or training. It is designed to be ambitious, personalised and to promote a love of learning and reading. We are building a community of learners, fully inclusive of the most disadvantaged, who are resilient, independent, creative and kind. The curriculum is broad, balanced and progressive. It builds on knowledge, understanding and skills from individual start points as children progress through the school. The child-centred curriculum is bespoke and is always under review to ensure suitability and ambition.

Learners study a broad curriculum based on the National Curriculum, enriched with Woodside’s bespoke curriculum to provide context and develop both personal and life skills and understanding. There is particular emphasis on communication, reading,  RSHE, and personal development. A full range of subjects is taught, with specialisms being introduced in KS4 which are matched to reflect cohort interests and strengths.

At Woodside our core areas across the school are;

English (Communication, Language and Literacy),Maths (Numeracy), Relationships, Sex and Health Education( RSHE), Personal Development and Wellbeing, Science, RE 

These are enriched by the following learning areas as apporpriate across the school;

Creative and Performing Arts      Geography and History (Time, Place, People and Culture)      Futures and the World of Work

Themes have been chosen to be accessible and relevant to all and rich in cultural opportunities flavoured with a range of other languages. Each of the half termly themes run throughout the school, providing commonality across all phases.  The progression of skills within each theme is designed to be spiral, with children given opportunity to revisit and build upon prior learning. This also enables children who are working at a different level to their peers to easily access work at the level correct for them- dipping into the work being undertaken in a neighbouring phase as appropriate, but still sharing the same overarching theme.  

Special arts weeks and themed days further enrich and broaden our offer, providing opportunities to try something new and develop new skills and interests.  Practical, artistic, technical, physical, creative and therapeutic opportunities and support all contribute to the whole. 

The curriculum meets the needs of all learners and is adapted to match changes in cohort need and complexity, year-on-year. WIthin their phase, children are grouped by stage not age.

So that children can accumulate knowledge and skills as they move through the school, the curriculum is sequentially planned to be progressive. 

 Click on the links below to view our Curriculum by phase.

Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 - 2022-2023

Key Stage 2 - 2022-2023

Key Stage 3 - 2022-2023

Key Stage 4 - 2022-2023

Key Stage 5 - 2022-2023




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