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There are rigorous and robust systems in place for ensuring our students are safe and these include: 

  • quality training as part of ongoing CPD
  • An environment which promotes wellbeing
  • Following child safeguarding procedures and liaising closely with other agencies.

The curriculum at Woodside provides for learners’ broader development, enabling them to develop holistically  by extending beyond the academic, technical or vocational. This supports learners to develop their character – including their resilience, confidence and independence – and helps them to begin to know how to keep physically and mentally healthy. Throughout the school, the vision is to prepare learners for future success in their next steps at each stage of education.

Woodside Academy aims to prepare learners for life in modern Britain by: equipping them to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society; celebrating what we have in common and promoting respect for the different protected characteristics as defined in law.

The thread of work in many areas of the curriculum is to develop pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle, including giving opportunities for pupils to be active during the school day, including through the use of The Daily Mile,  and through activities during unstructured times of the day. Playtimes and lunchtimes are always viewed as learning opportunities and have a purpose. 

We strive to develop pupils’ developmental understanding of healthy relationships through appropriate relationships and sex education. This has been developed across the school and staff have worked across phases to produce a tracker that shows which aspects the learners have covered. We work with learners to develop their ability to recognise the difference between right and wrong and to readily apply this understanding in their own lives.

As part of the development for every learner, the opportunities provided support readiness for the next phase of education, training or employment so that pupils are equipped to make the transition successfully. This work focuses on sharing information with all stakeholders, including the parents, any schools that a learner may be joining Woodside from, or any establishments that a learner may be moving to. Within lessons, and through the Personalised Learning Plans, individuals work towards improving skills specific to them that will help to ensure that they are progressing towards their skills for independence and readiness for their next steps.

A developing pupil leadership programme is emerging which includes opportunities for pupils to lead in the following areas: Student council, play leader, reading ambassador, positivity ambassador, youth Mental Health first aider. A senior student has joined the Bexley Youth Council for 2022. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and the Woodside Challenge will be introduced in 2022-2023 and will provide further pupil leadership opportunities.

At Woodside Academy, staff and leaders create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and an environment which is safe and calm.  Positive relationships permeate throughout the school. Clear routines are set and the expectations for the conduct and behaviour of all is high across the school and during structured and unstructured sessions throughout the day.

The school’s positive behaviour and relationships policy is clear and effective and is consistently applied.

Learners have highly positive attitudes and commitment to their education. 

All learners have in place a Wellbeing plan which identifies sensory, communication needs, personal preferences, specific triggers and strategies to de-escalate. These are working documents which inform all adults around each child how to create and maintain the best conditions, responses and environment to facilitate learning for individuals.

The school places a strong emphasis on the school- and British values, equality, diversity and inclusion. Assemblies, achievement points and certificates celebrate the values that every individual works towards on a termly basis.

The positive behaviour and relationship policy clearly sets out the expectations. Learners have a strong concept of what is fair. They have positive attitudes towards learning and school. The school has an incredibly positive and respectful culture in which staff know the students very well and care for them. Students feel safe in school and use these positive relationships when in crisis. Bullying, peer on peer abuse, online or offline, discrimination, are all dealt with promptly and effectively. Almost 100% of parents agree that the school takes bullying seriously and that their child is safe and well cared for.


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